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"Ship Passenger Record 0002"

Ship passenger record information in reference to Kaseberg and Sommerkamp immigrants with their spouses.

The below ship passenger records were provided by: Sherry Kaseberg

Our Kaseberg- Sommerkamp Immigrants

Birth & Death

Occupation on ship list & naturalization

Ship Passenger Information

Siblings grouped by color with their spouses.




Karl/Carl/Charles Kaseberg [Charles Kaseberg of Venice, IL m. Charlotte Grebe and had daughter Anna C. Kaseberg 1867. Charles Caseburg b. ca. 1834 Hessen, m. Margaret b Hessen, had daughter Mary or May b. 1859, lived Venice, Madison County, IL 1860.]

ca. 1834 Germany -   ; wagon maker & blacksmith at Venice, Madison County, IL; worked in wagon shop of Frederick Kaseberg


Possibly: Carl Kaseberg 1st cabin, June 1854: Ship ADELE, Bremen to NY; 19 years old

Christoph Theodore Kaseberg

1843 Wettesingen, Germany -1929 Moro, OR


Came to USA 1857 with brother Fred to join older brother; worked a while in PA, to Venice, Madison County, IL

Margaretha Schuler, wife of Christoph Theodor Kaseberg

1850 Shankbergfels, Kurhessen – 1891 Moro, OR



Frederick Wilhelm Kaseberg, wagon maker & blacksmith

1840 Wettesingen, Germany -1883 Venice, Madison County, IL

[Madison Co IL Naturalizations & Intentions: 1866]

Passport #698; came to USA 1857 with brother C. Theodor to join older brother; worked a while in PA, to Venice, Madison County, IL

Caroline Will, wife of Frederick W. Kaseberg

1845 France or Germany – 1915 Madison County, IL


Immigrated 1855

~ 1900 census





Johann “John” Christoph Kaseberg, wagon maker

ca. 1831 Wettesingen, Germany – 1906 Walla Walla, WA


Came to USA ca. 1853 to St. Louis MO and Venice IL, Dent County, MO; to Walla Walla, WA & Sherman County, OR by wagon 1882

Henrietta Sommerkamp, wife of John C. Kaseberg

ca. 1841 Hanover, Germany – 1909 Walla Walla, WA


Came 1860 age 19 in ship SENATOR IKEN from Hannover to Missouri, intending to stay in USA

Conrad Heinrich “Henry” Kaseberg

1834 Wettesingen, Germany – 1926 Walla Walla, WA

wagon maker

Arrived Baltimore from Bremen (from Wettesingen), Germany 27 June 1857 age 23 on ship JOHANNES; destination Weston [to CA/OR/WA 1872; citizenship 1893 Sacramento County, CA]

Auguste Timmermeister, wife of C. Henry Kaseberg

1841 Germany – 1912 Walla Walla, WA


Ship ALBERT Bremen to USA 1857 to stay in USA from Dissen, Germany age 17

Wilhelm “Billy” Kaseberg

1839 Germany – 1896 Walla Walla, WA


Arrived NY age 18 ship ERNST MORITZ ARNDT from Bremen, November 1857, destination Westtown, USA from Wettesingen, Germany, staying in USA





James William Kaseberg; had uncles in Berlin and Wettesingen, only child of Hinrich Kaseberg of Zierenberg

1829 Germany – 1900 CA

[Wrote to Mr. Kaseberg at Walla Walla, WA 1905 to inquire about relationship. Conrad Heinrich Kaseberg was in the Sacramento / Napa CA area for a time.]

To USA 1850, to CA by 1856, Placer County, CA & Sacramento, CA area. Kaseberg Creek, Kaseberg School, etc. named for him at Roseville, CA





Frederick Wilhelm Stein

[Kornemann connection]

1808 Wettesingen, Germany – 1879 Cameron, Clinton County, MO


To USA with wife and some children ca. 1853

Anna Maria Baake, wife of Frederick W. Stein

Ca. 1823 Germany – 1908 USA


To USA with husband and some children ca. 1853





Franz Kornemann



Ship SMIDT 1868 Bremen to Baltimore; St. Louis, MO then Cameron, Clinton County, MO with wife and children: Frederick W., Marie, George & Wilhelmine

Marie Christine Kaseberg, wife of Franz Kornemann; dau. of Johann Georg Kaseberg & Anna Katharina Rumpf

Ca. 1827 Germany – 1901 Missouri, buried Andrew County, MO


Ship SMIDT 1868 Bremen to Baltimore with husband and children: Frederick W., Marie & Wilhelmine

Wilhelmine “Minnie” (Flaerke) Korneman, widow of John Korneman of Germany; m2nd Stutevoss

1834 Germany – 1924 Muscatine County, IA


To Muscatine, IA, USA 1873 via New Orleans with her parents John and Helen (Lohman) Flaerke and her children: August, Herman, Fred & Henry C.





J.C. “Karseberg,” 36 of US (John C. Kaseberg, husband of Henrietta Sommerkamp);

and from Germany,

Rudolph Sommerkamp, 14 (his wife’s youngest brother); Maria Mantel, 17 (who married Henry Sommerkamp, Henrietta’s oldest brother); and

Lizette Wassmuth, 21.





Ship ATLANTIC arrived 16 July 1867 Bremen and Southampton, Englandto New York

Lisette Wassmuth, m. Karl David Heitner 1870 St. Louis, MO; mother of Dr. Henry J., Lucie and Ernest Heitner; related to Rumpf/Kaseberg; witness to marriage of Henry & Mary Sommerkamp 1868

Ca. 1846 Wettesingen, Germany 0 1932 St. Louis, MO


Ship ATLANTIC arrived 16 July 1867 NY from Wettesingen/Bremen, Germany via Southampton to USA 1867 – brought with two other girls accompanied by a Mr. Kaseberg. ~ Henry Heitner of St. Louis, MO





Anna Maria Katherine “Katerina” Knollman, wife of Heinrich Phillip Sommerkamp

1810 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany – St. Louis, MO


Possibly: Ship NEW YORK Bremen to NY 17 August 1868 “Cath. Sommerkamp” age 60.

Heinrich “Henry” Philip Sommerkamp, m. 1868 Maria/Mary Louise Mandel who arrived USA 1867. Katerina Sommerkamp lived with this family in her later years.

1839 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany – 1900 St. Louis, MO



Maria Mantel/Mandel who m. Henry Philip Sommerkamp 1868

1850 Hessen Darmstadt, Germany – 1903 St. Louis, MO


Ship ATLANTIC Bremen to NY 1867 with J.C. Kaseberg, Rudolph Sommerkamp and Lizette Wassmuth

Henry Rudolph Sommerkamp, m. Charlotte Louise Wilhelmine Loheide

1853 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany – 1938 St. Louis, MO

[Naturalized 1879]

Ship ATLANTIC to USA 1867 Bremen to NY with his brother-in-law J.C. Kaseberg, Maria Mantel and Lizette Wassmuth.

Louis Christ Grawe, m. Charlotte Katherine Sommerkamp 1901 St. Louis, MO

1865 Hanover, Germany – 1945 St. Louis, MO


To USA, New York City; St. Louis, MO.

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