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"Information about the Ship named, John Hermann"


The Bremen bark VICTORIA was built at Vegesack/Fähr by Hermann Friedrich Ulrichs, for the Bremen firm of Gildemeister & Ries, and was launched on 10 April 1850. 200 Commerzlasten / 488 tons register; 36,2 x 8,1 x 5,2 meters (length x beam x depth of hold). Her maiden voyage, Hermann Otto, master, was to Batavia.

On 15 December 1851, the VICTORIA was sold to Hanna Dorothea Eleonora Langnese Wwe, of Hamburg, who renamed her JOHN HERMANN.

     1851-1854 - K. J. Diekmann
     1854-1855 - G. C. Speckhahn
     1855-1858 - H. J. Bornholdt
     1858-1861 - K. J. Diekmann

     1852-1853 - New York (4 times)
     1853/54   - New York/Belfast
     1854      - New York
     1854/55   - New York/Waterford, Ireland
     1855-1857 - New York
     1857/58   - New York/London
     1858/61   - New York/intermediate ports/Bremerhaven

In 1861, the JOHN HERMANN ex VICTORIA was sold to H. Parr, of Dröbak, Norway, who renamed the vessel HENRY PARR; her masters were, in turn, Christoffersen, Wang, and Larsen. On 13 March 1887, the HENRY PARR ex JOHN HERMANN ex VICTORIA, Larsen, master, bound from Christiania for London with a cargo of ice, stranded on Shipwash Sands, off Harwich, and became a total loss.

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