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"Ponca City Senior & Junior High School (1924 Yearbook)"

Title: Ponkus (1924 School Yearbook)

Name of school: Ponca City Senior & Junior High School

Location: Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma

Date published: 1924

Additional Information:

Click here if you want to start from the beginning of the yearbook, or you can click on the page number next to each name listed below.

This school yearbook was originally owned by Helen Fern Hunter and Willard Hunter. It was purchased at action, and I was told their relatives don't want it returned.

Please email me if you have information on anyone listed within this yearbook. Thank you!

"Names of Faculty and Students."

With the names I've included page links to most of their photographs. I've probably made some mistakes, so please email me if you find anything that needs to be added or corrected. Thanks!

Frank Abbott   (Page: 43)  (Page: 44)

George C. Abbott   (Page: 15)  (Page: 38)

Ralph Abbott   (Page: 54)

Opal Abel   (Page: 53)

Maxine Adams   (Page: 35)

Thelma Allison   (Page: 28)

Elwood Anderson   (Page: 53)

Hazel Anderson   (Page: 50)

Howard Anderson   (Page: 47)

Louise Anderson   (Page: 44)

Clifford Angel   (Page: 50)

Albert Archibald   (Page: 44)

Lucile Armour   (Page: 47)

Thelma Armstrong   (Page: 50)

Zerl Armstrong   (Page: 47)

Clarence Arrow  [a/k/a - Chief Arrow]   (Page: 54)  (Page: 59)

Marie Ashenhurst   (Page: 44)

Bretina Atkins   (Page: 47)

Ethel Bacon   (Page: 54)

Loren Bacon   (Page: 22)

Marion Bacon   (Page: 55)

Virginia Bagby   (Page: 19)  (Page: 47)

Elva Baker   (Page: 24)

Harry Baker   (Page: 53)

Leroy Baker   (Page: 53)

Lloyd Baker   (Page: 56)

Opal Baker   (Page: 47)

Viola Baker   (Page: 38)

William Bailey   (Page: 53)

Louise Baird   (Page: 44)

Hazel Baker   (Page: 44)

Arthur Ball   (Page: 47)

Margaret Ball   (Page: 50)

Madeline Banbarger   (Page: 54)

Gladys Bansaw   (Page: 55)

Kenneth Barden   (Page: 50)

Knneth Barnes  [Probably should be, Kenneth Barnes]   (Page: 47)

Wendel Barnes   (Page: 47)

Anna Barnett   (Page: 30)

Ida Barnett   (Page: 50)

Mabel Barnett   (Page: 53)

Helen Barnhart   (Page: 44)

Nellie May Barr   (Page: 47)

Clifton Barrett   (Page: 47)

Lawrence Barrett   (Page: 47)

Marion Barrett   (Page: 54)

William Barringer   (Page: 50)

Orville Basham   (Page: 56)

"Carlos" Baughman   (Page: 59)

Harry Baughman   (Page: 50)

Karl Baughman   (Page: 45)

Mary Baughman   (Page: 47)

Betty Bayman   (Page: 41)

Lucile Beasley   (Page: 47)

Jack Beason   (Page: 52)

William J. Beck  [a/k/a - William Beck]   (Page: 15)  (Page: 53)

Ted Belard   (Page: 50)

Geraldine Bemis   (Page: 44)

Alta Bendure   (Page: 47)  (Page: 50)

Paul Benefield   (Page: 54)

Harold Benson   (Page: 23)

Jean Benson   (Page: 50)

Lucille Biesley   (Page: 50)

Floyd Billington   (Page: 44)

Frankie Joe Billington   (Page: 44)

Bulah Black   (Page: 47)  (Page: 50)

Stela Black   (Page: 47)

Stella May Black   (Page: 50)

Oscar Blinde   (Page: 26)

Leroy Bodenheimer   (Page: 54)

Kenneth Borden   (Page: 47)

Elsie Boyce   (Page: 47)

Ewin Boyce   (Page: 47)

Ben Bottrell   (Page: 41)

Clarence Bowan   (Page: 50)

Virginia Boylan   (Page: 56)

Kathyrn Braden   (Page: 50)

Reta Bradford   (Page: 52)

Gwendolyn Briggs   (Page: 56)

Jeanette Briggs   (Page: 41)

Lula Briscoe   (Page: 49)

Max Brocies   (Page: 23)

Richard Brocies   (Page: 52)

Waunita Brock   (Page: 41)

Wheeler Brock   (Page: 55)

Winona Brock   (Page: 36)

Arnold Brown   (Page: 47)

Etta Brown   (Page: 44)

Florence Brown   (Page: 54)

Leroy Brown   (Page: 54)

Rosa Brown   (Page: 47)

Kenneth Brown   (Page: 44)

Cecil Broyles   (Page: 25)

Alvina Bruce   (Page: 54)

Vella Bruce   (Page: 25)

Casper Bucker   (Page: 52)

Hermine Bucker   (Page: 47)

Arthur Burge   (Page: 52)

Bennie Burge   (Page: 47)

Hazel Burke   (Page: 17)

Orbia Burnet   (Page: 47)

Walter Burnet   (Page: 47)

L. J. Burt   (Page: 53)

Bennie Butler   (Page: 56)

Pauline Butler   (Page: 56)

Herbert Cable   (Page: 56)

Dorothy Callahan   (Page: 53)

Carrol Ray Cales  [a/k/a - Carrol Cales]   (Page: 44)

Glen Edward Cales  [a/k/a - Glen Cales]   (Page: 47)

Thelma Lee Calvert   (Page: 28)

Laverne Carey   (Page: 50)

Dorothy Carson   (Page: 21)

Tom (Jr.) Carson   (Page: 55)

Bonnie Carter   (Page: 47)

Francis Cate   (Page: 56)

Mabel Cate   (Page: 44)

Mrs. Frances Smith - Catron   (Page: 14)

Hazel Cavett   (Page: 37)

Howard Cavet   (Page: 47)

Roland Chambers   (Page: 39)

Clepus Chapman   (Page: 53)

Leona Chapman   (Page: 47)

Virgil Chapman   (Page: 24)

Dorothy Chatterton   (Page: 50)

Lillian Christy   (Page: 50)

Maurice Clark   (Page: 47)

Herbert Claycomb   (Page: 54)

Myrtle Clements   (Page: 36)

Elmer Clink   (Page: 47)

Maurine Clickscale   (Page: 47)

Miller Clickscales   (Page: 50)

Bernard Clouse   (Page: 56)

Edwin Clouse   (Page: 44)

Kenneth Coate   (Page: 39)

Rudolph Coates   (Page: 44)

Phyllis Cobb   (Page: 23)

William Marvin Cocke   (Page: 13)

Marjorie Cohlman   (Page: 36)

Earl Cole   (Page: 54)

Mary Cole   (Page: 56)

Radie Cole   (Page: 55)

John Collier   (Page: 44)

Woodson Combs   (Page: 41)

Matt Compton   (Page: 55)

Carrol Constant   (Page: 38)

Alfred Cook   (Page: 40)

Amanda Cook   (Page: 44)

Clayd Cook   (Page: 50)

Clore Cook   (Page: 50)

Cora Cook   (Page: 55)

Ira Cook   (Page: 44)

Mary Cook   (Page: 50)

Paul Cook   (Page: 44)

Tom Cook   (Page: 27)

Vea Cook   (Page: 28)

Edith Cooper   (Page: 50)

Iona Cooper   (Page: 50)

Byron Cornwell   (Page: 47)

Glen Cornwell   (Page: 30)

Newton Cornwell   (Page: 47)

George Corwin   (Page: 47)

Jessie Coville   (Page: 56)

Anne Louise Cowan   (Page: 13)  (Page: 38)

Loren Cowles   (Page: 50)  (Page: 51)

Floyd Cox   (Page: 47)

Marguerite Cox   (Page: 24)

Raymond Cox   (Page: 40)

Raymond Cox   (Page: 44)

Lucile Cragin   (Page: 35)

Floyd Crane   (Page: 44)

Beulah Craven   (Page: 44)

Donald Crooks   (Page: 36)

Harold Culver   (Page: 53)

Austin Crummett   (Page: 44)

Earl Crummett   (Page: 47)

May Crummett   (Page: 50)

Marvel Curtis   (Page: 47)

Rex Curtis   (Page: 49)

Cladys Dale   (Page: 50)

Mabel Dale   (Page: 29)

Josephine Davis   (Page: 47)

Leonard Davis   (Page: 50)

Edith Day   (Page: 50)

Thelma Day   (Page: 47)

Lois DeArman   (Page: 50)

Jeff Deason   (Page: 47)

Earl Dennis   (Page: 47)

Lawrence Denoya   (Page: 29)

Ethelda Dewey  [a/k/a - Ethelda Martha Dewey]   (Page: 40)

Le Etta Dewey   (Page: 47)

"Seedy" DeWiggins   (Page: 59)

Everett Dickson   (Page: 47)

Robert Dickson   (Page: 47)  (Page: 52)

Roy Dimmick   (Page: 53)

Thelma Dixon   (Page: 44)

Hazel Dodson   (Page: 47)

Joe Dodson   (Page: 50)

Harold Doolin   (Page: 47)

Leland Doolin   (Page: 47)

Otto Duckworth   (Page: 37)

Vera Duckworth   (Page: 52)

Lora Dunlap   (Page: 44)

Josephine Duvall   (Page: 14)  (Page: 32)

Ethelyn Dye   (Page: 47)

Bernice Dykes   (Page: 44)

Donovan Eagan   (Page: 52)

Johnny Earnest   (Page: 50)

Alta Eaton   (Page: 44)

Eva Eaton   (Page: 41)

John Eaton   (Page: 53)

Albert Edmonds   (Page: 54)

Marguerite Edmondson   (Page: 56)

Bennie Edwards   (Page: 47)

Catherine Edwards   (Page: 44)

Christine Edwards   (Page: 44)

Graham Edwards   (Page: 56)

Katherine Edwards   (Page: 47)

Lavone Edwards   (Page: 22)

Marion Edwards   (Page: 44)

Vergel Edwards   (Page: 21)

Verna Edwards   (Page: 30)

Maybel Elkouri   (Page: 50)

Doris Ellenberger   (Page: 19)

Margaret Elliot   (Page: 23)

Ruth Elliott   (Page: 50)

Leo Ellis   (Page: 47)

Maxine Ellis   (Page: 53)

Pansy Ellis   (Page: 50)

Harvey Ellison   (Page: 39)

Howard Ely   (Page: 47)

John Ely   (Page: 22)

Eleanor England   (Page: 53)

George England   (Page: 44)

Mary Anne England   (Page: 47)

Evelyn Engles   (Page: 51)

Winie Evans   (Page: 47)

Margaret Farha   (Page: 31)

Harlow Farnsworth   (Page: 53)

Clare Fearno   (Page: 55)

Lenna Fields   (Page: 37)

Lonnie Findley   (Page: 55)

Richard Fisher   (Page: 47)

Leo Flaherty   (Page: 50)

Irwin Fleming   (Page: 47)

Lee Flood   (Page: 21)  (Page: 59)

Chloe Ford   (Page: 24)

Dorothy Ford   (Page: 50)

Elmer Ford   (Page: 55)

Grace Fowler   (Page: 50)

Byron Fox   (Page: 24)

Vernon Fox   (Page: 50)

Kirby Franbirger   (Page: 52)

Liese Franz   (Page: 48)

Hazel Frazier   (Page: 50)

Stephen Frazier   (Page: 50)

Elmer Freeman   (Page: 47)

Virgil Freeman   (Page: 50)

Cecil Fry   (Page: 44)

Clair Futhey   (Page: 28)

Jasper Galusha   (Page: 44)

Frank Gelvin   (Page: 47)

Frank Gelvin   (Page: 50)

Gertrude Gelvin   (Page: 49)

Edward Gillespie   (Page: 48)

Margaret Gillespie   (Page: 48)

Margaret Gillespie   (Page: 50)

Frank Gincer   (Page: 50)

Katherine Ginger   (Page: 54)

Carrie Gingerich   (Page: 48)

John Gingerich   (Page: 39)

Wayne Glover   (Page: 48)

Dorothy Godschalk   (Page: 55)

Bernice Golay   (Page: 56)

Wendell Gotschell   (Page: 50)

Maurice Graghead   (Page: 44)

Walter Grapes   (Page: 43)  (Page: 44)

Ila Gray   (Page: 48)

Marion U. Greer   (Page: 19)

Mrs. Marion U. Greer   (Page: 18)

Galen Grimma   (Page: 44)

Harry Grover   (Page: 26)

Wayne Glover   (Page: 47)

Bonnie Gun   (Page: 50)

Tom Haifley   (Page: 52)

Erma Hall   (Page: 54)

Ester Hall   (Page: 55)

Flora Hall   (Page: 52)

Helen Hall   (Page: 52)

Louis Hall   (Page: 52)

Sister Hall   (Page: 51)

J. C. Hamilton   (Page: 56)

J. N. Hamilton   (Page: 5)

Palmer Hancock   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Lee Harney   (Page: 31)

Adeline Harper   (Page: 48)

Betty Harrington   (Page: 56)

Luella Harrington   (Page: 48)

Mark Harrington   (Page: 40)

Mary Harrington   (Page: 48)

Anna Belle Harris   (Page: 51)

Janice Harris   (Page: 48)

Marguerite Harris   (Page: 22)

Georgia Harter   (Page: 27)

Florence Harvey   (Page: 54)

George Harvey   (Page: 54)

Bethuel Hasz   (Page: 48)

Ester Hasz   (Page: 48)

Ida Hasz   (Page: 44)

Myrtle Hayes   (Page: 51)

Oswald Hauschildt   (Page: 48)

Bessie Hayes   (Page: 48)

Margaret Headly   (Page: 55)

W. Fred Heister   (Page: 13)

Florence Henry   (Page: 48)

Helen Hedberg   (Page: 44)

Lawrence Heldenbrand   (Page: 48)

Ruth Hewitt   (Page: 56)

Harvey Hickman   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Evelyn Higdon   (Page: 51)

Vera Hight   (Page: 44)

Charles Hill   (Page: 53)

Theodore Hill   (Page: 44)

Temperance Holiday   (Page: 51)

Everett Holloway   (Page: 54)

Marie Holloway   (Page: 54)

Melvine Hoot   (Page: 51)

Paul Hoot   (Page: 26)

Edna Hopton   (Page: 56)

Florine Howard   (Page: 56)

Opal Howard   (Page: 51)

Wray Hudkins   (Page: 44)

Caziville Lawson Hudiburg   (Page: 17)

Marie Huneke   (Page: 48)

Geraldine Hunt   (Page: 55)

Winfield Hunt   (Page: 54)

Fern Hunter   (Page: 44)

Willard Hunter   (Page: 51)

George Hurst   (Page: 53)

Ruby Hurst   (Page: 51)

Gladys Iback   (Page: 48)

Zilpha Ingles   (Page: 38)

Orval Isham   (Page: 53)

Chester Jackson   (Page: 44)

Eleanor Jackson   (Page: 53)

Grover C. Jacobsen   (Page: 17)

Carl James   (Page: 51)

Clyde James   (Page: 51)

Ramona Jamieson   (Page: 22)

Taylor Jarvis   (Page: 54)

Albert Johnson   (Page: 25)

Oren Johnson   (Page: 44)

High Jones   (Page: 44)

Paul Jones   (Page: 54)

Fern Keathly   (Page: 48)

Frantz Keathly   (Page: 54)

Herbert Keathly   (Page: 44)

Lucy Keathly   (Page: 44)

Mary Keating   (Page: 40)

Aaron Keehn   (Page: 51)

Helen Keeley   (Page: 51)

Jesma Key   (Page: 39)

Lyla Key [a/k/a - Lila Key]   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Howard Kicks   (Page: 51)

Moyne King   (Page: 54)

Ned King   (Page: 48)

Eva Kinney   (Page: 25)

Francis Kirby   (Page: 48)

Lester Kirby   (Page: 48)

Willard Kirkbride   (Page: 29)  (Page: 59)

Inez Klapp   (Page: 44)

August Klinger   (Page: 48)   (Page: 51)

Herman Klinger   (Page: 54)

Homer Knearl   (Page: 29)

Velma Knearl   (Page: 44)

Audrey Knouse   (Page: 26)

Fae Knouse   (Page: 51)

Mary Knouse   (Page: 44)

Charlotte Koller   (Page: 51)

Ruthelma Koller   (Page: 51)

Lova Kretsinger   (Page: 54)

Velma Kretzinger   (Page: 27)

Ray Kupka   (Page: 44)

Margaret Krgar   (Page: 51)

Paul Lambert   (Page: 51)

Frankie Landis   (Page: 40)

Truman Landis   (Page: 53)

Virgil Landis   (Page: 44)

Catherine Landrum   (Page: 51)

Agnes Lapham   (Page: 54)

Lucile Larimer   (Page: 48)

Clarence Leathers   (Page: 48)

Edwin Leathers   (Page: 44)

Mobie Lenhart   (Page: 56)

Thelma Leslie   (Page: 51)

Anna Bell Lesser   (Page: 48)

Robert Lewis   (Page: 31)

Coneia Liese   (Page: 51)

Loa Linderer   (Page: 56)

Alberto Long   (Page: 44)

Carl Long   (Page: 55)

Haskell Long   (Page: 48)  (Page: 50)  (Page: 51)

Martha Long   (Page: 51)

Marvin Looney   (Page: 55)

Thelma Lothes   (Page: 44)

Maud Louthan   (Page: 48)

Bess Lowrance   (Page: 21)

James Ludlum   (Page: 48)

Madeline Lummy   (Page: 53)

Ida Lumry   (Page: 45)

Myron Lusk   (Page: 51)

Bernard Madden   (Page: 53)

Dorothy Mackey   (Page: 45)

Floyd Mahan   (Page: 48)

Earl Malherbe   (Page: 45)

Lela Malherbe   (Page: 51)

Arreatta Manley   (Page: 48)

Dale Mann   (Page: 56)

Capitola Mansfield   (Page: 32)

May Maple   (Page: 19)

Margurite Marshall   (Page: 51)

Everett Martin   (Page: 53)

Floyd Martin   (Page: 56)

Harry Martin   (Page: 45)

John Martin   (Page: 55)

(Unknown) Martin   (Page: 59)

Willard Mayberry   (Page: 14)  (Page: 32)

Gray McBride   (Page: 39)

Jewell McCarroll   (Page: 48)

Martha McCarroll   (Page: 51)

Corinne McCarthy   (Page: 28)

Lucile McCarthy   (Page: 51)

Lindsay McClendon   (Page: 55)

Frank McClure   (Page: 48)

Irma McCord   (Page: 43)  (Page: 45)

Lloyd McCord   (Page: 51)

Earl McDonald   (Page: 25)

Jean McFadden   (Page: 23)

Arthur McGee   (Page: 45)

Charles McGee   (Page: 45)

Richard McGowan   (Page: 55)

Ernest McKelvey   (Page: 48)

Irma McKelvy  [Probably should be, Irma McKelvey]   (Page: 37)

Genevieve McKinney   (Page: 48)

Katheryn McKinney   (Page: 48)

"Art" MuMillan   (Page: 59)

Donald Meade   (Page: 55)

Ruth Medlay   (Page: 48)

Robert Meek   (Page: 48)

Bertha Meekins   (Page: 48)

Doris Meekins   (Page: 56)

Forrest Meeks   (Page: 48)

Pearl Mergon   (Page: 51)

Martha Messimer   (Page: 36)

Richard Messimer   (Page: 45)

Hazel Middlebusher   (Page: 48)

Harold Milburn   (Page: 48)

Earl Miller   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Margaret Miller   (Page: 56)

Roy Miller   (Page: 48)

Ruth Miller   (Page: 26)  (Page: 45)

Gertrude Misener   (Page: 14)

William Mitchell   (Page: 52)

Betty Moncrief   (Page: 51)

Clifford Monroe   (Page: 51)

Fred Monsour  [a/k/a - "Butch" Monsour]   (Page: 30)  (Page: 59)

Freda Monsour   (Page: 45)

Jessie Moon   (Page: 48)

Margaret Mooney   (Page: 40)

Earl C. Moore   (Page: 15)

Leona Morey   (Page: 51)

Laverna Morris   (Page: 51)

Clifford Motley   (Page: 48)

Mable Mott   (Page: 48)

Lillian Mueller   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Marie Mullikin   (Page: 16)

Ruby Murchison   (Page: 48)

Avril Nandel   (Page: 49)

Harry Nash   (Page: 55)

Verval Nash   (Page: 48)

Oliver Nesmith   (Page: 48)

Clara Nichols   (Page: 41)

Melba Nichols   (Page: 56)

Ima Nicholson   (Page: 45)

Fred Nixon   (Page: 17)  (Page: 43)

Celeste Noel   (Page: 16)

Carl Noland   (Page: 48)

Harold Norris   (Page: 48)

Magel Norton   (Page: 35)

Spencer Norton   (Page: 23)

Phil Nuckols   (Page: 48)

Royal Oats   (Page: 45)

Harold Oglesby  [a/k/a - Harould Oglesby]   (Page: 48)  (Page: 51)

Nora Olmstead   (Page: 18)

Edrie O'neil   (Page: 25)

Arthur Onstott   (Page: 41)

Joe Onstott   (Page: 45)

James Owen   (Page: 48)

Verne Padden   (Page: 49)

Alberta Paden   (Page: 45)

Christine Padgett   (Page: 35)

Eunice Padgett   (Page: 35)

Oliver Padgett   (Page: 53)

Sadie Lee Page   (Page: 48)  (Page: 49)  (Page: 51)

Reba Panton   (Page: 49)

Ruth Panton   (Page: 49)

Ernest Rapp   (Page: 49)

Lowell Pappon   (Page: 44)

Anabel Parker   (Page: 56)

Bernice Parker   (Page: 45)

Christine Parker   (Page: 49)

Ethel Parker   (Page: 27)

Marjorie Parker   (Page: 51)

Edward Parkins   (Page: 49)

Kenneth Parsons   (Page: 49)

Muriel Parsons   (Page: 56)

Kieth Patton   (Page: 49)

Paul Patton   (Page: 37)

Merle C. Paynter   (Page: 16)

Corye Peabody   (Page: 51)

Julia Perkins   (Page: 56)

Finley Phillips   (Page: 55)

Manola Phillips   (Page: 15)

Willie Pickett   (Page: 49)

Charles Platt   (Page: 45)

Edith Porter   (Page: 49)

Marie Porter   (Page: 51)

Beatrice Portor   (Page: 38)

Lee Powell   (Page: 53)

Marie Pratt   (Page: 16)  (Page: 50)

Edna Pray   (Page: 55)

Lucille Pray   (Page: 49)

Mary Jo Presson   (Page: 49)

Geary Prince   (Page: 51)

Earline Procter   (Page: 49)

Bob Pryor   (Page: 45)

Hazel Ralls   (Page: 49)  (Page: 51)

Tracy Randall   (Page: 55)

Avril Randel   (Page: 51)

Bessie Reba   (Page: 40)

Steve Redfearn   (Page: 35)  (Page: 59)

Opal Reese   (Page: 55)

Helen Revard   (Page: 45)

Alfred Rice   (Page: 27)

Fred Richardson   (Page: 55)

Joe Richardson   (Page: 49)

Roy Richardson   (Page: 45)

Theodore Richardson   (Page: 45)

Vernon Richardson   (Page: 49)

Marion Ricks   (Page: 55)

Dorothy Riley   (Page: 54)

Jack Jr. Riley   (Page: 51)

Aline Rippy   (Page: 45)

Charles Ritchie   (Page: 45)

Dee Ritchie   (Page: 54)

Vasta Ritchie   (Page: 45)

W. L. Roach   (Page: 12)

Carl Roberts   (Page: 41)

Elbert Roberts   (Page: 45)

William Roberts   (Page: 49)

Jean Robertson   (Page: 38)

Nina May Robertson   (Page: 49)  (Page: 51)

Christolbel Robinson   (Page: 51)

Ethel Robinson   (Page: 51)

Roscoe Robinson   (Page: 40)

Ida Mae Rogers   (Page: 14)

Bessie Roper   (Page: 49)

Velda Roper   (Page: 49)

Loran Rosson   (Page: 55)

Clarence Round   (Page: 41)

Kenneth Ruby   (Page: 51)

William Wayne Rush   (Page: 51)

Hilda Russel   (Page: 55)

Ada Mae Sallee   (Page: 49)

Myrtle Sallee   (Page: 45)

Ada Mae Salles   (Page: 51)

Hubert Sanders   (Page: 35)  (Page: 59)

Robert Sanders   (Page: 47)  (Page: 49)

Mark Sarchet   (Page: 35)

Roy Schrader   (Page: 55)

Esther Scott   (Page: 40)

Thelma Scott   (Page: 37)

Conrad Searcy   (Page: 55)

Phillip Searcy   (Page: 49)

Sears   (Page: 49)

Carolyn M. Seitz   (Page: 15)

Raymond D. Shannon   (Page: 16)

Mary Shaul   (Page: 56)

Fay Sheppard   (Page: 16)

Alberto Sherbon   (Page: 56)

Emma Sherbon   (Page: 39)

Leona Sherbon   (Page: 49)  (Page: 51)

William Sherwood   (Page: 45)

Bessie Shieler   (Page: 39)

Thelma Shirk   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Basil Shirley   (Page: 52)

Barker Shirley   (Page: 45)

Fern Shivers   (Page: 36)

Iwila Shivers   (Page: 52)

Guilford Shreckengait  [Probably should be, Guilford Shreckengaust]   (Page: 49)

Monroe Shreckengaust   (Page: 56)

Ralph Sifferd   (Page: 49)

Curtis Sims   (Page: 49)

Dee Sims   (Page: 49)

Rubye Sims   (Page: 21)

Millard Singleton   (Page: 49)

Albert Siwert   (Page: 49)

Esthmer Skinner   (Page: 14)

E. H. Skinner   (Page: 50)

Bernard Slimp   (Page: 55)

Howard Slimp   (Page: 49)

Alice Sloan   (Page: 55)

Cecil Sloan   (Page: 52)

D. B. Smith   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Bessie Smith   (Page: 49)

Bessie Smith   (Page: 55)

Bessie Smith   (Page: 50)  (Page: 52)

B. D. Smith   (Page: 50)

Delmar Smith   (Page: 56)

Inez Smith   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Maude Smith   (Page: 18)

Moya Smith   (Page: 52)

Snow Smith   (Page: 45)

Willie Smith   (Page: 54)

Emily Smoykerfer   (Page: 49)

Barbara Snavely   (Page: 52)

Howard Snavely   (Page: 53)

Rupert Sneed   (Page: 49)

Rosanna Snyder   (Page: 30)

Carl Souders   (Page: 49)

Ethel Souders   (Page: 49)

Joe Souligny   (Page: 45)

Winette Souligny   (Page: 53)

Violet Soulivan   (Page: 55)  (Page: 56)

Estal Earnest Sparlin   (Page: 35)

Edgar Spencer   (Page: 49)

George Sprow   (Page: 24)

Webster Sprow   (Page: 30)

Franklin Stafford   (Page: 28)

Grover Stark   (Page: 45)

Levi Stark   (Page: 49)

Murray Stark  [a/k/a - Murry Stark]   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Sivi Stark   (Page: 52)

George Starr   (Page: 54)

Jaunita Stephen   (Page: 49)

Ruth Stevenson   (Page: 49)

Viola Stevenson   (Page: 55)

Earl Stewart   (Page: 36)

Elmer Stewart   (Page: 45)

Esther Stinson   (Page: 18)  (Page: 53)

Edna Stockdale   (Page: 54)

Mamie Stockdale   (Page: 54)

Ella Story   (Page: 27)

Ethel Stubblefield   (Page: 49)

Atlee Summers   (Page: 49)

Miller Summers   (Page: 49)

Vinita Suttle   (Page: 49)

Dorothy Tarno   (Page: 49)

Christobel Taylor   (Page: 55)

Josie Taylor   (Page: 54)

Zelma Taylor   (Page: 49)

Lelia Taylow   (Page: 49)

Alice Tharp   (Page: 54)

Beatrice Thompson   (Page: 49)

Claire Thompson   (Page: 37)

Erma Thompson   (Page: 45)

Myrtle Tillotson   (Page: 49)

Mildred Timken   (Page: 49)

Robert Titus   (Page: 49)

Armide Trapp   (Page: 49)

Raymond A. Trapp   (Page: 21)

Jack Trompeter   (Page: 52)

Hazel Trout   (Page: 53)

Bettie Ruth Tulk   (Page: 49)

Etta Tulk   (Page: 52)

Warren Tyner   (Page: 45)

Wilma Uhle   (Page: 56)

Ethel Utterback   (Page: 17)

Jane Vance   (Page: 53)

William Vance   (Page: 50)  (Page: 52)

Okla Vansclous   (Page: 43)  (Page: 45)

Maxine VanWinkle   (Page: 49)

Marjorie Viering   (Page: 56)

Arrena Weaver   (Page: 49)

Vencent   (Page: 49)

E. Clay Venerable   (Page: 13)  (Page: 47)

Eugene Viering   (Page: 36)

Margaret Viering   (Page: 45)

Byron Vorhies   (Page: 56)

Richard Vorheis   (Page: 53)

Velma Vorheis   (Page: 37)

Raymond Waddelow   (Page: 56)

Mrs. C. H. Wady   (Page: 13)

Helene Wageck   (Page: 26)

Esther Wagoner   (Page: 54)

Jimmie Walcott   (Page: 45)

Raymond Walke   (Page: 53)

Franklin Walker   (Page: 22)

Charlotte Walkup   (Page: 43)  (Page: 45)

Joseph Walkup   (Page: 55)

Ned Walkup   (Page: 39)

Ella Wallace   (Page: 29)

Priscilla Waller   (Page: 38)

Dorothy Walters   (Page: 15)  (Page: 43)

Ralph Warner   (Page: 36)

Bessie Warren   (Page: 54)

Carl Warren   (Page: 53)

Charles Warren  [a/k/a - Chas. Warren]   (Page: 52)

Gerald Warren   (Page: 45)

Lewis Warren   (Page: 56)

Murriel Warren   (Page: 54)

Allard Washam   (Page: 53)

Bernice Wealand   (Page: 45)

Lurline Weathersby   (Page: 45)

Arrena Weaver   (Page: 52)

Naomi Weaver   (Page: 52)

Dorothy Webster   (Page: 45)

Ruth Webster   (Page: 45)

Paul Weidenheimer   (Page: 53)

Elizabeth Weller   (Page: 39)

Bruce Wells   (Page: 49)

Clifford Wetzell   (Page: 45)

Dorothy Whitaker   (Page: 49)

Claude Whittle   (Page: 38)

Hazel Widener   (Page: 45)

Clifford Widner   (Page: 52)

Lorene Wittworth   (Page: 52)

Clement De Wiggins   (Page: 35)

Faye Williams   (Page: 49)

Fern Williams   (Page: 37)

Jack Williams   (Page: 49)

Lela Williams   (Page: 49)

Mitchell Williams   (Page: 49)

Gay Wilson   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Lois Wilson   (Page: 38)

Mabel Wilson   (Page: 45)

Margaret Wilson   (Page: 13)

Ralph Wilson   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Roy Wilson   (Page: 53)

Walker Wilson   (Page: 53)

Wesley Wilson   (Page: 55)

Hila Wimer   (Page: 49)

Genevieve Winchell   (Page: 49)

Gladys Winchell   (Page: 31)

Doris Wire   (Page: 49)

Wayne Wire   (Page: 55)

Della Wittmer   (Page: 45)

Sherman Wittmer   (Page: 45)

Elza Wolcott   (Page: 49)

Ethel Wolf   (Page: 29)

Bill Wolfingberger   (Page: 52)

Gerald Woolard   (Page: 36)

Irene Woolard   (Page: 37)

Delwyn Wright  [a/k/a - Deluyn Wright]   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Helen Wright   (Page: 49)

Mary Gee Wright  [a/k/a - Mary Wright]   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Mildred Wright   (Page: 31)

Nellie Wright   (Page: 31)

Zettia Wright   (Page: 54)

Donald Yames   (Page: 52)

Majorie Yates   (Page: 52)

Donald Yearman   (Page: 49)

Carl Young   (Page: 49)

Geneva Young   (Page: 49)  (Page: 52)

Sibyl H. Young   (Page: 18)

"Additional information about some of individuals listed within this yearbook."

Please email me if you have information on anyone listed within this yearbook.

Carrol Ray Cales  [a/k/a - Carrol Cales]:

Information provided on 8/3/2008, by a relative that doesn't want to be listed:

Born: July 8, 1906, near Ralston, Osage County, Oklahoma.

Married: Mildred Beatrice Evatt, on September 10, 1927, in Newkirk, Kay County, Oklahoma.

Had two sons named: Donald Evatt Cales, and Jackie Carrol Cales.

Occupation: farmed, ranched, managed Cales Implement and Case Dealership in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.

Died: April 24, 1975, San Pedro Sula,Honduras, Cental America.

Additional Information: Carrol Ray Cales and his brother Glen Edwards Cales were the 3rd and 4th children of Ora Jackson and Ethel Bessie Deal Cales, farmers and ranchers. Both Carrol and Glen started school at Belford in the Big Bend until they moved to Kay County in 1920, where they attended Union District 98, located on a corner of their farm.  They then attended high school at Ponca City, but neither graduated.

Glen Edward Cales  [a/k/a - Glen Cales]:

Information provided on 8/3/2008, by a relative that doesn't want to be listed:

Born: May 2, 1908, near Ralston, Osage County, Oklahoma.

Married: Alice Hazel Mehaffey, on September 28, 1935, Newkirk, Kay County, Oklahoma.

Occupation: farmed, ranched, in Oklahoma, Texas, and Idaho.

Died: January 8, 2002, at his home near Kaw City, Kay County, Oklahoma.

Note: See the above listing under Carrol Ray Cales for additional information.

Estal Earnest Sparlin  [a/k/a - Estal Sparlin]:

Information provided on 2/26/2008, by Dean Sparlin:

Estal Sparlin, who is listed, is my grandfather. He graduated from Ponca High School in 1925, and went on to receive a BA and PhD at the University of Missouri. He had a long career in public service positions in Missouri, Arkansas, and Cleveland, Ohio, where he moved in the 1940s and lived the remainder of his life. He died in 1998, at the age of 91, and his ashes were scattered near Fairfax, Oklahoma, where he spent his early childhood years.

My grandfather was a very accomplished man who avoided the spotlight. Although he was very involved in political affairs, he never sought public office, instead working for reform through the private organizations that he led. He was fond of pointing out that my graduation from Ponca High School in 1975 was exactly 50 years after his. His mind remained sharp until the very end, even as his body was failing him.

I remember seeing a copy of one of his high school yearbook many years ago, owned by a neighbor in Ponca City who was a classmate. As I recall, the listing I saw noted, among other things, that he was an end on the Wildcats football team. I enjoyed reliving some of those memories through your website.

Additional information from the online Encyclopedia of Cleveland History:

Sparlin, Estal Earnest (7 Aug. 1907 - 21 Aug. 1998) was the director of the Citizens League Of Greater Cleveland and a lifelong advocate for good government. He was born in Osage County, Indian territory, in Oklahoma to "Burthie" (Ryan) and Oscar Sparlin and graduated from Ponca City High School. Sparlin worked as a paperboy and linotype operator at the Ponca City News. From 1928-1935 he worked at the Columbia Tribune while he attended University of Missouri, where he received his bachelors and master's degrees. He received a doctorate in political science there in 1936. Following his graduation, Sparlin taught at the University of Missouri and at the University of Arkansas. He also worked for the Arkansas government and as a legislative analyst for the Missouri General Assembly. Prior to coming to Cleveland, Sparlin was the assistant director of the Governmental Research Institute in St. Louis. In 1953 he became the director of the Governmental Research Institute and Citizens League in Cleveland. He retired in 1975 but was named acting director of the Cleveland Commission On Higher Education that year and continued attending public meetings at City Hall until the mid-1980s to serve as a watchdog on behalf of his fellow citizens.

As leader of the non-partisan Citizens League, Sparlin researched the credentials of candidates for public office, then published the league's views of their qualifications to assist voters. He also provided explanations for voters of the intricacies of tax levies and bond issues. Sparlin fought for the reduction of Cleveland's wards from 33 to 21, helped prevent the expansion of the Port Authority Board to more than nine members, and assisted in gaining approval for Sunday liquor sales to enhance convention business and produce additional revenue. In 1978 he was named citizen of the year by the Cleveland Area Board Of Realtors for his role in the adoption of Ohio's ethics law, for bringing voting machines to Cuyahoga County, and for doubling the Citizens League's membership. In addition to his duties at the Citizens League, Sparlin was an active member of the City Club and Rotary.

Sparlin married Harriet (Trip) in 1928 in Ponca City, Oklahoma and together they had five children: Denise (Gilgen), David, Derry, Dale, and Dan. Sparlin passed away at the Mayfair Village nursing home in Columbus and his ashes were scattered in Osage County, OK.

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