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"Family Recipe Directory"

We thank our relatives and related family members for providing these wonderful recipes. We hope you enjoy them and will return the favor (or should we say flavor) by sharing your recipes with us. Bonaparte.


Fried Chicken and home made milk gravy.  (Recipe 006)



Some suggestions on making an authentic home cooked meal.

If you want to cook an original family meal, you should start out with this word: Recipe (this, is not an English word but a Latin imperative meaning “procure”). To maintain the original taste of any recipe, use the best of ingredients as fresh as they can be found. In other words, good cooking begins at the market.

Furthermore, using the right cooking utensils can make a big difference in maintaining the original flavor of any home cooked meal. Therefore, it’s important to us the same utensils your ancestors would have used. These would probably have been made of iron, such as an iron pot or skillet. Under no condition should you use anything made of aluminum, for aluminum utensils can cook unevenly, and if uncoated they can change the taste of your food. Besides, there is some scientific evidence that using aluminum cooking utensils may foster the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Many of these family recipes wouldn't be here if not for family members like yourself. Therefore, please submit your family recipes so we can all enjoy them together. Thank you!

Note: All submissions to the family recipe directory must somehow be in relationship to a family and/or individual currently listed within this site.