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"Published Record - Eric Alfred Pearson."

Subject: Eric Alfred Pearson

Name of publication: Montreal Newspaper, Quebec, Canada.

Page: 1 and 5

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date: February 1956

Click here to view the first of three newspaper clippings about the airplane crash.

Click here to view the third of three newspaper clippings about the airplane crash.

Summary of Accident Details:

Date of crash: February 14, 1956

Aircraft Type: Douglas C-47-DL  (Also know as a civilian DC-3 aircraft.)

Operator: Spartan Air Services

Registration Number: CF-BZH

C/c / msn: 6079

Departure Airport: Frobisher Bay Airport, NU (YFB/CYFB), Canada

Destination Airport: Kuujjuaq-Fort Chimo Airport, QC (YVP/CYVP), Canada

Crash Location: 40km (25 miles) Northwest of Fort Chimo, Quebec, Canada

Time: Unknown

Aboard: 3  (Passengers: 0  Crew: 3)

Fatalities: 2  (passenger: 0  Crew: 2)

Airplane Damage: Written off  (damaged beyond repair)

Airplane Fate: Written off  (damaged beyond repair)

Summary: Crashed on a ferry flight.

The below was written by Eric Charles Pearson, the son of Eric Alfred Pearson:

My father, Eric Alfred Pearson, was the sole survivor of a plane crash during the middle of winter in northern Quebec, Canada. The chief pilot was Harold "Whitey" Evans Dahl, a world famous fighter ace and aerial soldier of fortune. The flight engineer was Walter Givens.

My father was in the back of the plane making sure the cargo was securely tied down as they were flying through a snowstorm. At this time, the pilot and flight engineer couldn't see anything outside the cockpit windows, and the plane was loosing some altitude. It was then the plane crashed onto a frozen lake instantly killing both the pilot and flight engineer. The impact was so violent the body of the flight engineer had been thrown through the front cockpit window. As for my father, he sustained some minor bruising and a black eye when he was thrown from the back to the forward section of the airplane.

My father was the only one still alive, and the only structure he had for protection from the Artic winter was the aircraft tail section that had broken off during the crash. Despite the situation, my father managed to use the aircraft cargo and netting to build a barrier wall within the aircraft tail section entrance. Also, he managed to recover and place the body of the flight engineer into a sleeping bag.

My father prayed to be rescued as each day pass into another long Artic night, for it was in the dark of night when the polar bears would periodically show up and attempt to kill and eat him.

It was three and a half days later when my father was rescued, and it was on the last day before the search was going to be discontinued.

Additional information:

The below newspaper article is incorrect in stating Eric Pearson (a/k/a - Eric Alfred Pearson) was 42 years old, for he was 35 years old. He was born on May 24, 1920, in Stockholm, Sweden. His parents are Charles Fabian and Ruth Axelina (Dahlman) Pearson.

It's not fully confirmed, but the below newspaper article might be incorrect in stating Walter Givens was 42 years old. It's believed he may perhaps be Walter T. Givens, and he was born on August 9, 1927, in Belleville, Essex County, New Jersey. If so, he would of been 28 years old, and his parents would be Aloysius Joseph and Charlotte May (Maxwell) Givens. Also, he married his first wife Mildred Stone in 1948. They had one daughter named Janet born in 1948. He had a second wife named Eva, and it's unknown if they had any children.

Harold "Whitey" Evans Dahl was born June 29, 1909, in Sidney, Champaign County, Illinois.

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