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"Published Record - Turner Murder Trial Begins at Greenville."

Subject: The murder of W. G. "Stub" Turner by his wife Elsie (Gosnell) Turner.

Title: Turner Murder Trial Begins at Greenville.

Type of publication: Newspaper article.

Location: Greenville County, South Carolina

Date: January 11, 1926

Contains the names of:

Gosnell, Elsie

Turner, W. G. "Stub"

Additional Information:

The parents of Elsie Gosnell are William R. and Thyrza Annie (Tucker) Gosnell.

The parents of W. G. "Stub" Turner are not known.

Click here for the first of two newspaper articles about the murder of W. G. "Stub" Turner by his wife Elsie (Gosnell) Turner.

Transcript of the above document.

Turner Murder Trial Begins at Greenville

GREENVILLE, Jan 11 -(/P)- Mrs. Elsie Gosnell Turner was placed on trial here this afternoon in sessions court before Judge J. W. Devore, of Edgefield, for the murder of her husband, W. G. "Stub" Turner on the night of January 1, 1926.

Eight state's witnesses testified on direct examination in effect that Mrs. Turner had deliberated killing her husband for some time and had bought a revolvers for the purpose. Testimony that she had been seen driving about with a weapon in her car a short time before the killing was introduced.

 Defense counsel attempted to bring out from cross examination of state's witnesses that Turner was unreasonably cruel to the defendant. Effort was made also to impeach testimony of several witnesses by wringing out statements indicating prejudice towards the defendant.

Turner, former chief of police of West Greenville was killed in his home here. Solicitor J. G. _eatherwood of this circuit and Ira A. Blackwood of Spartanburg represent the state, and former Solicitor David M. Smoak, of this circuit is defense counsel.

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