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"Published Record: The Pittman family in Saline County, Missouri."

Subject: The Pittman Family - Including the families of Herbert Emmett Pittman and Anna Maria Pittman.

Name of publication: History of Saline County, Missouri, Pages 314 and 315.

Date published: Unknown

Additional Information: This record includes the family surnames of Barr, Degenhardt, Henka, Hillebrand, Markes, Meschede, and Van Meter.


"Transcript of the above (Pittman) Published Record"

The Pittmans were of Scandinavian origin and went first to Saxony. Our branch of the Pittman family remained in Saxony, while others migrated to England and other countries. Saxony was first organized as a Duchy in 880 and was passed to the rule of Frederick, Elector of Saxony, in 1423. Succeeding Kings allied with Poland and later with Austria against the French aggression. For the support Saxony rendered to Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna 1814 ceded more than half of Saxony to Prussia. The union with Austria during the Seven Year War against Prussia (1866) forced entry into the German Confederation and in 1871 into the German Empire.

In 1856, Joseph Kasper Pittman and Frederick Pittman, sons of Maria Ann (Mariana) Degenhardt Pittman, wife of Casper Joseph Pittman, decided to come to America. They were of age to be taken into military service in the Prussian Army. They promised to send money back to their mother and family in Westphalia, Prussia, so they could come to America. Two years later the fulfilled their promise to her and sent her the money for the transportation to America. Maria Anna (Mariana) Drage Degenhardt Pittman, (widow than of Casper Joseph Pittman, son of Frank and Elizabeth Teiple Pittman) and her children. Theresa Pittman Hillebrand (born 1822) and her family, Frederika Pittman Meschede (born 1830) and her family, and Angelica (Lena) Pittman Henke (born 1840) and her family, John Charles Pittman (born 1827) and his family, left Callenhardt, Westphalia together and made the trip overland to Bremen, arriving the evening of March 10, 1858, to board the ship, "The Grosse Hermann" for their transportation to America.

Their voyage across the Atlantic took eleven weeks. On their way across Anthony, youngest son of Theresa and Frank Hillebrand, became very ill and died and was buried at sea. The party landed at New Orleans, Louisiana, May 28, 1858. Here they boarded a riverboat and came up the Mississippi River and nine days later as St. Louis, Missouri where Frederick and Joseph Pittman were awaiting them. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meschede and family stayed in St. Louis until 1866 than came to Saline County, the Petit Saux Plains. Joseph Pittman, Fred Pittman, Charles Pittman, Maria Anna Pittman (mother) and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hillebrand (Theresa), Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henke and their families came on the riverboat to Miami, Missouri, and later moved to Laynesville, Missouri, just west of Miami, Missouri. The Missouri River has changed its channel and Laynesville is now on the north side of the Missouri River and a good distance from the present river bank.

Joseph and Fred Pittman were soldiers in the Civil war. Fred in the Union Army, Captain Corum's Company private, enlisted in 1863. Joseph first fought as a private in Captain Ed Brown's Company, enlisted in 1861 with Roberson and was captured at Blackwater, Missouri. During the section war, he was engaged upon both sides and was honorably acquitted himself to the satisfaction of both sides. Joseph Pittman relieved from duty April 7, 1863, from Co. F 71st regiment in Benjamin H. Wilson's Company (Captain) Co. F 7th Reg. Mo. State Militia, US Army. He was in all battles with Price's raids.

Anna Maria Pittman

Anna Maria Pittman was the fifth child (born July 7, 1863, died December 21, 1944) to John Charles Pittman and Elizabeth Meschede Pittman. At Miami, Saline County, Missouri, Anna married Abel J. Van Meter (born September 11, 1834 Hardy County, West Virginia, died July 12, 1920). No children were born to this union.

In 1932 Anna Maria Pittman Van Meter and her bachelor brother Charles Pittman deeded to the State of Missouri what is known as Van Meter State Park consisting of five hundred and six acres of land located fourteen miles northwest of Marshall, Missouri (Highway 41-122) or five miles southwest of Miami, Missouri. The park is made distinctive by a thick growth of trees, wild flowers, variety of plants and shrubs being a natural wildlife area. An old fort rich in Indian lore and an overflowing spring still exist.

Another feature of the park is the Van Meter family cemetery located on the Pinnacle or Potato Hill where fourteen members of the family are interred and one faithful slave women. The last burial was of Anna Maria Pittman Van Meter in 1944. Originally there was a high iron fence around the plot, but in 1925 Anna had it replaced with the present masonry wall.

Herbert Emmett Pittman Family

Herbert was the second child born (1898) of Joseph F. Pittman and Elizabeth Markes Pittman. His eldest sister Esther (1896) never married and his younger sister Viola Marquerite (1901) married Thomas Barr of the Shackelford Community. The three children were born in the Miami River bottom, formerly Laynesville, Mo., north end of Route N in Saline County. When a teenager, the family migrated to a farm three miles west of Marshall (due north and west of the Wilson Meat Packing Plant). He and his father proceeded building the large white frame house (home of Joe Barr).

On February 23, 1922, Herbert married Marguerite (Margaret) Annette Finnegan (1898) at St. Peter's Catholic Cathedral in Salina, Kansas. They set up housekeeping in a home due east from his father's home (one-quarter mile).

To this union the following children were born: Rose Elizabeth Pittman, Dec. 23, 1923, Marquerite Ann, February 22, 1925, Joseph Charles, March 14, 1926, Herbert Christopher, August 28, 1930, Lucille Marie, January 8, 1932, Earl Eugene, December 15, 1934, and Kenneth Paul, March 16, 1936.

He was a farmer and was very devoted to his family, friends and neighbors. On August 29, 1937, he succumbed, due to a threshing machine, fire accident, which occurred three days previously. The homes then were used for the wake, then to the church foe services. The large Immaculate Conception Church at Shackelford could not hold all the friends and families in attendance.

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