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"Published Record Directory"

Beyers, Cecilia    (Record 0008)

Caravetta, Mrs. Mary (Unknown)   (Record 0023)

Chapman, Harold W.   (Record 0002)

Eck, Barbara   (Record 0015)

Eck, Paul Eugene   (Record 0006)

Dietiker, Fred   (Record 0012)  (Record 0013)

Gosnell, Elsie   (Record 0010)  (Record 0011)

Gudehus, Charles   (Record 0008)

Gudehus, Emma E.   (Record 0008)

Gudehus, George C.   (Record 0008)

Guetterman, Joseph "Joe"   (Record 0005)

Hogan, Henty "Henry"   (Record 0003)

Kollmeyer, Johann "Henry"   (Record 0001)

Pearson, Eric Alfred   (Record 0020)  (Record 0021)  (Record 0022)

Pittman, Anna "Annie" Maria   (Record 0009)

Pittman, Charles   (Record 0009)

Reich, Carl Henry   (Record 0023)

Specht, Alderman   (Record 0018)

Specht, Alex   (Record 0014)  (Record 0016)

Specht, Jacob C.   (Record 0016)  (Record 0019)

Specht, (Unknown)   (Record 0017)

Thorpe, Homer Oliver   (Record 0024)

Turner, W. G. "Stub"   (Record 0010)  (Record 0011)

Vits, Frank   (Record 0007)

Vits, George   (Record 0007)

Weaver, Clara Margaret   (Record 0009)

Weaver, James Herbert   (Record 0009)

Weaver, James "Jim" Frederick   (Record 0009)

Weaver, Delores Ann   (Record 0009)

Weaver, Dorothy Sue   (Record 0009)

Pittman family in Saline County, Missouri:

The record includes the family surnames of Barr, Degenhardt, Henka, Hillebrand, Markes, Meschede, and Van Meter. (Published Record 0004)

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