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Photograph of Almon Cannon, Ellender (Powell) Cannon, Zacariah Taylor Cannon, Mary Suffrona (Moore) Cannon, Everett Sinclair Cannon, and Alberta "Berta" Lee Cannon.

Date: About 1893

Location: Singleton Community, Bedford County, Tennessee.

Photograph Number: 0700

Provided by Douglas L. Foster.


By Douglas L. Foster

This picture is the birthplace and childhood home of my mother, Lucy Evelyn Cannon (known as Evelyn). The house is located in the community of Singleton in Bedford County, Tennessee. She (Evelyn) was born in this house on May 21, 1903, and lived here until her marriage to my father, Byron Lee Foster on August 31, 1921. She was the youngest of 7 children born to Zacariah Taylor Cannon (known as Taylor) and wife Mary Suffrona Moore. The picture was made about 1893 (10 years before my mother was born). In the picture are Evelyn's parents and her paternal grandparents (Almon Cannon and Ellender Powell Cannon). Also in the picture are two children, Evelyn's oldest brother, Everett Sinclair Cannon, born June 5, 1888 and sister, Alberta Lee Cannon, born December 10, 1889. A third child, Michael Shoffner Cannon, born October 2, 1891 was no doubt in the house, possibly in the care of a servant.

The house was built about 1885 by my grandfather Taylor Cannon. His parents lived with him. He was their youngest son. He was a farmer and a very successful one. My grandmother, Mary Suffrona Moore was his second wife. His first wife died in childbirth in September 1876. The baby died also. All seven of the children of Taylor and Mary Cannon were born in this house and grew to adulthood here. They all loved their childhood years here. To the right of the house (as you face it) was a hill and a wonderful spring poured from this hillside. The flow from the spring I would estimate at between 500 and 1000 gallons per minute. This water was piped to the house by gravity (a distinct luxury for those days). The spring continues today to supply water at this rate.

Taylor Cannon died at age 77 on April 7, 1926, three months before I was born. The farm and home were sold shortly thereafter and, my grandmother began living with her children. My grandmother lived for the last five years of her life in the home of my parents and died in our home at age 73 on December 22, 1937. I was 11 years old. She died of the flu and all of our family were sick with the flu. The funeral was in our home. My grandmother was almost totally deaf and we all shouted for her to hear. It took several years after her death for the family to quieten our speech'

Almon Cannon, Evelyn's grandfather, was born in Georgia (location unknown) on June 12, 1812. He came to Tennessee in the early 1830s accompanied by his older brother, Elijah Cannon, who before 1850 moved to adjoining Lincoln County, TN. He (Almon) was married three times and had children by all three wives, a total of 11 children. Three of these children were by his first wife and four each by his second and third wives. Almon grew up among the Cherokee Indians in Georgia and his first wife may have been Indian. He acquired many Indian skills and medical remedys. His father is unknown, and I think that Hannah Cannon is his mother. Four of his sons served in the Civil War, one in the Union Army, two in the Confederate Army and the fourth in first the Confederate and later the Union Army. His oldest son, William Wesley Cannon was captured at Fort Donelson and then paroled. His regiment reformed and he was captured again in Mississippi. He died as a prisoner-of-war in the federal prison at Fort Delaware, Delaware. Almon's oldest daughter, Rachel Elizabeth Cannon also preceded her father in death. Almon Cannon died at age 84 on August 18, 1896, about three years after this picture was taken. My great grandmother, Ellender (Nellie) Powell Cannon died 2 years later on February 4, 1899 (3 days before her 81st birthday. Her parents, John Powell and Naomi Carter were both born in South Carolina.

This picture was taken by a traveling photographer who was going house to house taking pictures. The family story is that my grandfather was working in the field when the photographer arrived. He came to the house, and put on a coat prior to having the picture taken.

The above photograph is a copy of the original, and the below photograph was computer enhanced.

(Left to Right) - Zacariah Taylor Cannon, Everett Sinclair Cannon, Mary Suffrona (Moore) Cannon, Ellender (Powell) Cannon, Alberta "Berta" Lee Cannon, and Almon Cannon.


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