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Photograph of the congregation at Grimhult Mission Church.

Date: 1901

Location: Grimhult village, Kalmar Lan, Smaland, Sweden.

Photograph Number: 0507

Provided by Carol Madrene (Whitley) Larson.

Photograph of the congregation at Grimhult Mission Church.

 1.  Nils Pepper Nilsson

 2.  J. Gustav Blomqvist

 3.  Johan Ruthström

 4.  Ernst Johansson - (Pastor)

 5.  Oscar Nilsson - (Pastor)

 6.  Unknown

 7.  Gustav Emanuel Johansson - Also known as Gustav "Gust" Emanuel Johnson.

 8.  Unknown

 9.  Tora Sandell

10. Alma Matilda Johansdotter - Wife of Karl Alfred Johansson.

11. Karl Alfred Johansson - Husband of Alma Matilda Johansdotter.

12. Albert Blomqvist

13. Axel Hyltkvist

14. Axel Nilsson (a/k/a Axel Nilsén) - Brother of Viktoria Nilsson and Alma Nilsson, husband of Amanda Karlsson.

15. Unknown

16. Algot Nilsson

17. Unknown

18. Terese Karlsson (a/k/a Terese Carlsdotter) - Sister to Amanda Karlsson.

19. (Unknown) Clasin - Surname may be spelled as Clasen.

20. Hanna Paulin

21. Helena Olsson

22. Oskar Olsson

23. Unknown

24. Carl Willhelm Algot Johansson - Also known as Algot Redborn.

25. Unknown

26. Nils Andersson

27. Unknown

28. Johan Gustaf Jonsson - Husband of Christina Charlotta Svensdotter.

29. Amanda Karlsson (a/k/a Amanda Carlsdotter) - Sister to Terese Karlsson, and wife of Axel Nilsson.

30. Erika Ruthström

31. Selma Granat

32. Alma Nilsson - Sister to Axel Nilsén and Viktoria Nilsson

33. Viktoria Nilsson - Sister to Axel Nilsén and Alma Nilsson.

34. Unknown - but is probably Emelia Johansson.

35. Matilda Hyltkvist

36. Carl August Edmark

37. Carl Julius Nilsson

38. Ernst Blomqvist

39. Carl Edvin Edmark

40. Erik Konstantin Johansson - Son of Johan Gustaf and Regina (Jonsdotter) Jonsson.

41. Sigrid Nilsson

42. Anna Nilsson

43. Elsa Maria Johansdotter - Daughter of Johan Gustaf and Regina (Jonsdotter) Jonsson.

44. Martin Olsson

45. Pertrus Kilarius Johansson - Son of Johan Gustaf and Regina (Jonsdotter) Jonsson.

Additional information provided from Conny Nilsén:

Amanda Karlsson or Carlsdotter (29) is sister to Terese Karlsson (18) and they had one other sister named Hilma, and three brothers named Carl, David and Aldor. Those three brothers emigrated to US, and the state of Illinois. I can't say in what year they left Sweden for America, and if they had left or not when this photo was taken. I think all three of them changed their last name to Carlsén, but I'm not sure. Their father and mother are Karl Nilsson (1854 - 1895) and I. Josefina Johansdotter (1856 - 1937).

Axel Nilsén had two sisters and they are also on the photo! They are Alma (32) and Viktoria (33).


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