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Photograph of: Eric Charles Pearson.

Date: About 1960

Location: Havana Fort, Havana, Cuba

Photograph Number: 0415

Addition Information:

This photograph of Eric Charles Pearson was taken when he was a child on vacation with his parents in Cuba. While there, his father through some military friends had arranged to have the mother taken up for a wild ride in a jet fighter. After the flight was over most of the military personnel within the base came out to see her. She was pleasantly surprised by them doing this until she found out they all wanted to know if she had wet her pants.

Years later, Eric's father told him, "I tricked your mother into going on the flight by having the pilot promise her a scenic ride around the airbase. Little did she know I had previously arranged for the pilot to give her a ride she would never forget. At first it was a great idea, but after they lifted off from the runway I found out that most of the military personnel had made bets with the pilot on if he could get your mother to wet her pants. From the airport tower I watched in horror as their aircraft did one after another in-flight maneuver. At one point I grabbed the airport tower radio and told the pilot to land immediately. I couldn't stop thinking she may be killed and I would be the cause of you not having a mother."

In closing this story, Eric's mother didn't wet her pants, but his father almost did.

Eric Charles Pearson


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