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"Obituary - Clarence Miles Zimmer"

Name: Clarence Miles Zimmer

Birth date: March 26, 1898

Death date: November 25, 1902

Death location: Doe Run, St. Francois County, Missouri

Burial date: November 1902

Burial location: German Cemetery, near Doe Run, St. Francois County, Missouri.

Name of newspaper publication: Unknown

Newspaper location: St. Francois County, Missouri

Date published: 1902

Additional Information: The below obituary has a major discrepancy in the birth and death date compared with the listed age. However, the gravestone has Clarence as 4y 7m 29d old when he died.

"Transcript of the above obituary"

Title: Obituary

Clarence Miles Zimmer, eldest son of Martin and Rebecca Zimmer, was born March 26, 1898, and died on November 25, 1902, at the tender age of 4 years and seven days. Little Clarence was a bright and shining light in our home, but his brightness was but for a short time with us. It grieves our hearts to give him up, but our loss was his gain. His whole heart's delight was to learn to read and write and help papa work. For one so young he often talked of the work he would do when he got big like papa and things he would get mamma and baby brother, but God in his mighty power saw fit to call from us the precious little jewel to that land where there is no death or pain. There little Clarence can sing his favorite song, but his song will be changed, for the waters will never be chilly and he will never be called to die and we never hear his little tongue singing, "Will the waters be chilly when I am called to die," for he crossed death's cold, dark river and is safe on that golden shore. May we all live so as to have the assurance of meeting little Clarence again.

Sleep on, dear Clarence, and take your rest,

God called you from us, he thought it best;

Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,

From which none every wakes to weep.

We miss thee from our home, dear darling,

We miss thee from thy place,

A shadow o'er our life is cast;

We miss the sunshine of thy face.

We miss thy little prattling tongue,

Thy fond and playful ways,

Our home is dark without thee,

We miss thee everywhere.

A Relative.

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