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"Obituary Directory"

The family obituary directory is categorized alphabetically by surname, followed by the given name.

Albrecht, Leonard "Dimp" Anton   (Obituary 0059)

Bert, Johanna Marie   (Obituary 0063)

Best, Elizabeth Johanna Louise   (Obituary 0004)

Beyers, Sarah "Sadie" Victoria   (Obituary 0166)

Burch, Mahalia "Hala" Ann   (Obituary 0056)

Chapman, Alonzo Edward (Sr.)   (Obituary 0039)

Chapman, Berta "Birtie" Eveline   (Obituary 0169)

Chapman, Bessie Etna   (Obituary 0041)

Chapman, Charles Elmer (Sr.)   (Obituary 0046)

Chapman, John Edward   (Obituary 0051)

Chapman, Lanny Joe   (Obituary 0070)

Chapman, Lee Roy   (Obituary 0071)

Chatman, John "Johnny" Monroe   (Obituary 0043)

Chatman, Jeffrey Lyle   (Obituary 0042)

Chatman, Johnn Braden   (Obituary 0044)

Chatman, Lonis Carl (Sr.)   (Obituary 0047)

Chatman, Nolis "Chat"   (Obituary 0049)

Chatman, Oscar   (Obituary 0050)

Choate, Carrie Cordelia   (Obituary 0014)

Cleve, Elizabeth Marie   (Obituary 0155)  (Obituary 0156)

Cloud, Mary Caldona Gaines   (Obituary 0053)

Comerford, Merritt Matthew   (Obituary 0162)

Counts, Blanche C.   (Obituary 0013)

Dayton, Lewis Leroy   (Obituary 0168)

Duncan, Mary "Polly"   (Obituary 0146)

Eck, Alois "Aloys" Frank   (Obituary 0001)

Eck, Cletus John   (Obituary 0011)  (Obituary 0164)

Eck, John E. (Jr.)   (Obituary 0165)

Eck, John "Johnny" Cassias   (Obituary 0009)

Engstrand, Edvard Algot   (Obituary 0076)

Fields, Allie Nora    (Obituary 0136)

Fochtman, Adolph    (Obituary 0179)

Goodin, Austin Peter   (Obituary 0147)  (Obituary 0153)

Gosnell, Paul Rex   (Obituary 0171)

Gosnell, Robert "Bert" Bartley   (Obituary 0172)

Gosnell, Wiley Sylvester   (Obituary 0174)

Gosnell, William Morris   (Obituary 0175)

Griffin, Clara C.   (Obituary 0003)

Griffin, Mytie "Myrtle" Lee   (Obituary 0109)

Griffin, Willa Marie   (Obituary 0101)

Guetermann, Franciska "Frances"   (Obituary 0073)  (Obituary 0074)

Guetterman, Barbara   (Obituary 0054)

Guetterman, Betty J.   (Obituary 0150)  (Obituary 0151)

Heath, Cassandra "Cassie" Jane   (Obituary 0045)

Herbst, Wilhemina "Minnie" Marie   (Obituary 0114)

Highley, Pearl Rebecca   (Obituary 0148)  (Obituary 0154)

Hill, James William    (Obituary 0120)

House, Ruby Ruth   (Obituary 0052)

Hubbard, John "Jack" Thomas   (Obituary 0122)  (Obituary 0123)

Hubbard, John Leslie (Jr.)   (Obituary 0118)

Hubbard, Joyce Florence   (Obituary 0117)

Hubbard, William Thomas   (Obituary 0124)

Humphrey, Ada Belle   (Obituary 0119)

Humphrey, George Vaughn   (Obituary 0182)

Kell, Hazel   (Obituary 0006)

King, William Banner   (Obituary 0181)

Kollmeyer, Alleda "Alledia" Eva   (Obituary 0086)

Kollmeyer, Alma "Minnie" Wilhelmina    (Obituary 0139)

Kollmeyer, Chester Bradberry   (Obituary 0087)

Kollmeyer, Clemens Charles   (Obituary 0089)

Kollmeyer, Edwin John   (Obituary 0090)

Kollmeyer, Ellis "Huck" Carl   (Obituary 0092)

Kollmeyer, Frank "Christopher" Christian   (Obituary 0094)

Kollmeyer, Frederick "Fred" Jacob   (Obituary 0095)

Kollmeyer, Frederick "Fred" John   (Obituary 0096)

Kollmeyer, Harry William   (Obituary 0097)

Kollmeyer, Henry Martin   (Obituary 0100)

Kollmeyer, Johann  "Henry"   (Obituary 0102)

Kollmeyer, John Jacob   (Obituary 0105)

Kollmeyer, Joseph Emmett   (Obituary 0002)  (Obituary 0106)

Kollmeyer, Norma Marie   (Obituary 0110)

Kollmeyer, Raymond Peter Carl   (Obituary 0111)

Kollmeyer, Theodore "Ted" Frederick   (Obituary 0113)

Lewis, Arnold G.   (Obituary 0177)

Lewis, John   (Obituary 0178)

Lewis, Sallie "Sally" Irene   (Obituary 0112)

Lewis, William Henry   (Obituary 0176)

Manking, Louisa Sophia   (Obituary 0062)

Mell, Bernice Marie   (Obituary 0138)

Mell, Donald Richard   (Obituary 0158)

Mell, Sophia Marie   (Obituary 0134)  (Obituary 0135)

Mell, William Fredrick   (Obituary 0160)

Meschede, Mary "Maria" Fraciels   (Obituary 0007)

Miller, Martha "Mattie" Virginia   (Obituary 0034)

Mills, Meredith Ann   (Obituary 0048)

Moore, Adelphia Berle   (Obituary 0072)

Murray, Amanda Jane   (Obituary 0040)

Neidert, Mary "Elisa"   (Obituary 0108)

O'Dell, Eunice Irene   (Obituary 0021)

Parks, Mary V.   (Obituary 0176)

Pearson, Henry "Hank" Fabian   (Obituary 0142)

Rank, Marie "Kate" Catherine   (Obituary 0025)

Reese, William "Bill"   (Obituary 0170)

Reich, Carl   (Obituary 0183)

Reich, Charles "Carl"   (Obituary 0184)

Rion, Frances "Maggie" Marguerite   (Obituary 0093)

Ritchey, Ada Gertrude   (Obituary 0157)

Schifferdecker, Caroline K.   (Obituary 0068)

Schifferdecker, Frank   (Obituary 0065)  (Obituary 0066)

Schifferdecker, George William   (Obituary 0064)

Schwetman, Jewel "Judy"   (Obituary 0103)  (Obituary 0104)

Shaner, Louretta "Olive" Ollie  (Obituary 0028)

Shaner, Lucy Emogene  (Obituary 0032)

Simms, Calvin L.   (Obituary 0140)

Simms, Christopher "Coronal" C.   (Obituary 0141)

Smith, Charles Jacob   (Obituary 0067)

Spaugh, Joseph Franklin   (Obituary 0137)

Speichinger, Monika "Monica"   (Obituary 0116)

Sprague, Charlotta Mahala   (Obituary 0180)

Straughn, Lillian M.   (Obituary 0132)

Swiney, William M.   (Obituary 0161)

Thurman, Iva   (Obituary 0017-2)  (Obituary 0018-2)  (Obituary 0019-2)

Thurman, Lena Alice   (Obituary 0029)

Thorpe, Homer Oliver   (Obituary 0185)

Tudor, Rachel Plantagenet Louise   (Obituary 0038)

Upton, Mary Lee   (Obituary 0075)

Vits, Elizabeth   (Obituary 0010)  (Obituary 0143)  (Obituary 0144)

Vits, Robert Francis   (Obituary 0163)

Voellinger, Albert J.   (Obituary 0152)

Voellinger, Wayne Allen   (Obituary 0149)

Vogt, Genevieve "Geneva"   (Obituary 0173)

Wagner, Barbara   (Obituary 0167)

Wagner, Berthold "Peter" Benjamin   (Obituary 0055)

Wagner, Elizabeth "Lizzie"   (Obituary 0057)

Wagner, Joseph "Joe" C.   (Obituary 0008)

Wagner, Kosmos "Cosmos"   (Obituary 0115)

Wagner, Leo P.   (Obituary 0121)

Wagner, Leonard "Len"   (Obituary 0058)

Wagner, Richard "Dick" B.   (Obituary 0005)

Weber, Bernhard "Ben"   (Obituary 0061)

Weber, Clotilda Elizabeth   (Obituary 0060)

Weible, Helen Irene   (Obituary 0098)  (Obituary 0099)

West, Dorothy May   (Obituary 0159)

Westover, Alberta O.   (Obituary 0017-4)  (Obituary 0018-4)  (Obituary 0019-4)

Westover, Annie "Anne" Louise   (Obituary 0012)

Westover, Charles Homer   (Obituary 0015)

Westover, Charley "Charles" Yeargain   (Obituary 0016)

Westover, Elmer Gregory   (Obituary 0020)

Westover, Henry Tudor   (Obituary 0022)

Westover, James Chesley   (Obituary 0023)

Westover, John Ewing   (Obituary 0017-1)  (Obituary 0018-1)  (Obituary 0019-1)

Westover, John Jordan   (Obituary 0024)

Westover, Laura Alice   (Obituary 0026)

Westover, Laura Etta   (Obituary 0027)

Westover, Lorenzo   (Obituary 0031)

Westover, Leslie Martin   (Obituary 0031)

Westover, Mabel F.   (Obituary 0017-5)  (Obituary 0018-5)  (Obituary 0019-5)

Westover, Paul Bascom (Sr.)   (Obituary 0036)

Westover, Pauline M.   (Obituary 0017-3)  (Obituary 0018-3)  (Obituary 0019-3)

Westover, Percy Lee   (Obituary 0037)

Weyhaupt, Prosper "Pros" Carl   (Obituary 0145)

Wolf, Ida Helena   (Obituary 0069)

Yeargain, Lucy Levinia   (Obituary 0033)

Zimmer, Anna "Mary" Marie   (Obituary 0107)

Zimmer, Clarence Miles   (Obituary 0125)

Zimmer, Frank John   (Obituary 0130)

Zimmer, Fredrick Daniel   (Obituary 0126)  (Obituary 0127)

Zimmer, Freeman A.   (Obituary 0128)

Zimmer, Howard S.   (Obituary 0129)

Zimmer, Jacob   (Obituary 0131)

Zimmer, Michael Conrad   (Obituary 0133)

Additional Obituaries

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