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"List Of Missing Relatives"

I've been unable to locate the family genealogy information on this list of missing relatives.

Minnie Emma Barber  [a/k/a - Minnie "Emma" A. Kastrup]

Amalia "Emily" Dietiker

Caroline Dietiker

Magdelena "Lena" Dietiker

Mamie "Mary" Dietiker

John Kaeser

William Kaeser

Minnie "Emma" A. Kastrup  [a/k/a - Minnie Emma Barber]

Frank Kemp

John G. Ninteman

Mary C. Pieper

George Schneider

Catherine Marie Werner

Frank S. Ziegler

Please email me if you have information on any of my relatives listed within my family website. Thanks!

Please help by submitting your branch of the family genealogy, including records, documents, photographs and etc. Also, please email me if your related to any family and/or individual listed within this web site. Thank you!

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