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"Miscellaneous Record - Thyberg Family Genealogy by Frederick Bernhart Thyberg."

Miscellaneous Record: Thyberg family genealogy by Frederick Bernhart Thyberg.

Location: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Additional Information:

Frederick Bernhart Thyberg wrote the below document containing the Thyberg family genealogy.

Provided by: Bill Harpster

Transcript of the above document.

Below is a transcript of above document (blanks and ??? are too faded to read or copy):

Fredrick Bernhard Thyberg Born 9th of March 1838 in the city of Halmstad in the Kingdom of Sweden, Embraced Gospal the 26th of April 1858, was ordained to a teacher then an Elder within three months. Emagrated to Utah 1862, ordained in Hyrum to a High priest May 7th 1899 by John Wilson.
I married my first wife, Matilda Josephina Nordford 1862.
Her Children:
Margret Matilda born Logan Utah the 4th of December 1863.
Second Daughter - Agnes Elizbeth born Sept the 7th 1865.
Third Daughter - Emma Sophie born Oct 7th 1867, died April 28th 1868.
First Son - Carl Fredrick born March the 3rd 1869.
Second Son - Born April the 15th 1871, died Aug 1st 1871, named Wilhelm.
All born in Logan Utah
My first wife was born 1846 December the 2 in Upsala, Sweden, died 1871 child birth in Logan, Utah.

My Second Wife:
Annie Mathilda Ottebeck born June the 12th 1854, married November the 23, 1868, born in Norway, Cragero, died in Smithfield, Utah Aug the 9th, 1885.
Her Children:
Annie Christian born Logan Utah February the 23rd 1871, died in Hyrum Utah November the 23rd 1891
Second Son - William Bernheart born November the 3rd 1873 in Smithfield Utah
Third Child - Evangeline born February the 4th 1876, died February the 26th 1883 in Smithfield Utah
Fourth Child - Irene born September the 17th 1879
Fifth Child - Walter L?(Leon?) born February the 13th 1882
Her first born died about 25 minutes after birth-Anne Annie Christian

My Third Wife:
Annie Marie Hansen born December the 10th 1856 in Christiana, Norway, was married to me in Salt Lake City, Utah July the 26th 1872 by ?Jim Willis?
Her Children:
First - Alfred born September the 6th 1874
Second - Axel Rudolph born August the 16th 1877
Third - Mary Magdaline born February the 2nd 1880
Fourth - Jessie Adrian born April the 13th 1882
Fifth - Dorothy Wilmina born April the 1st 1885
All were born in Smithfield, Utah
Sixth - Douglas Adahr born in Hyrum Utah January the 22nd 1890. Died May the 26th 1890 in Hyrum, Utah.
All of my children have been baptized in the church.

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