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"Miscellaneous Record - Photograph of the Degenhardt / Degenhard family home."

Miscellaneous Record: Photograph of the Degenhardt / Degenhard family home.

Location: 60. Kenters, Johannis-street [Kenters is the name of the house], Eversberg township, Germany.

Date photographs were taken: Circa 2006

In 1480, Grete Kenters was the owner of the property. In the garden-book from 1609 typed: Kaspar Kenters place, in the farmyard-book from 1620 typed: Kenters place, so itzo Kaspar Kenter underhefft [latin], in church-book from 1615 typed: Lorenz Kenters, used as garden. Kaspar is the same, who is owner of Kosmanns (Nr. 14), Lorentz are otherwise not mentioned. Nor in owner-register from 1697 - there is no house at the place.

In other words, from 1480 to 1697 there was no house on the property. In 1704, Jörgen Degenhardt acquires the right for townsman, and he builds the house. However, the property is still called Kenters, including the house.

The house continues to remain in the Degenhardt family - with one exception in ownership:

1720 - Gerhard Kramer.
1735 - Philipp Degenhardt, married Anna Margaretha Velmecke.
1760 - Adam Degenhardt, married Anna Katharina Nieder.
1794 - Johan Degenhardt, married Theresia Dröge.
1836 - Heinrich Degenhardt, married Anna Angela Elisabeth Risse from Kallenhardt [small town near Eversberg, Germany].
1869 - Heinrich Degenhardt, married Maria Karoline Kotthoff from Middeln house (Nr. 107).
1907 - Heinrich Degenhardt, married Franziska Krick from Wehrstapel [small town near Eversberg, Germany].
This is followed by his son Heinrich Degenhardt, born 1907, married Luzia Bürger from Färwers house, died 1944 at war.
In 1964, son Reinhardt Degenhardt takes the house over, married Irene Lorenz.

Information provided by: Uli Matuschke

Photographs provided by: Gunter Kotthoff

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