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"Miscellaneous Record - Circuit Court (Appeal) in the matter of Alexander Gratton and John Eck."

Miscellaneous Record: Circuit Court (Appeal) in the matter of Alexander Gratton and John Eck.

Location: Shelby County Circuit Court, Shelby County, Illinois.

Documents are dated from October 11, 1869 to June 20, 1870.

The original documents are now located at: Office of the Secretary Of State

Illinois Regional Archives Depository

Booth Library

600 Lincoln Avenue

Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, IL 61920

Additional Information:

The original plaintiff in this case is Alexander Grotton, and the defendant is John Eck.

This appeal was apparently filed by John Eck in response to an earlier court verdict. It appears that, John Eck was originally sued by Alexander Grotton, and was ordered to pay him two hundred dollars. As a result of this appeal the amount was reduced to ninety-three dollars and 90 cents, besides costs of suit.

John Eck is also known as John E. (Sr.) Eck. He married Elizabeth Mary Essler on October 15, 1871, in Shelby County, Illinois.

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