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"Miscellaneous Record - Family Group Report."

Miscellaneous Record: Family Group Report

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Dated: March 14, 1998

Names on this document: Bachman, Anne

Beckert, Anne Marie

Beckert, Florent

Cucuat, Francois

Dauth, Balthazar

Dauth, Bernard

Dauth, Jean George

Dauth, Sabine

Ebel, Catherine

Fridrich, Andre

Gob, Mathieur

Grau, Theobald

Gremmel, Jean

Heberler, Jean

Herbele, Jean

Herr, Balthazar

Herr, Catherine

Herr, Jean

Herr, Michel

Hintermeyer, Jean

Jost, Jean

Jost, Madeleine

Keiser, Jacques

Koch, Jean Paul

Koch, Paul

Kollifrath, Gaspar

Krebs, Agnes

Laffert, Antoine

Laffert, Jean

Laffert, Mathieu

Metz, Paul

Miles, Catherine

Monsch, Andre

Monsch, Gaspar

Monsch, Jean

Mont, Joseph

Muller, Marie

Muller, Michel

Munch, Anne Catherine

Munsch, Anne Marie

Munsch, Elisabeth

Munsch, George

Munsch, Jasques

Munsch, Jean Jacques

Pfister, Jacques

Riedinger, Anne Marie

Riedinger, Jean

Riedinger, Michel

Rinn, Marguerite

Riss, Barbe

Ritter, Marie

Scheid, Jean

Scheid, Marie

Schmidt, Jean Jacques

Schmitt, Jacques

Schmitt, Joseph

Schmitt, Joseph Jacques

Schorsch, Jean

Siffert, Arbogast

Stabler, Catherine

Steg, Jean

Stephan, Elisabeth

Stephan, Francois

Thoman, Michel

Thomann, Blaise

Thomann, Lazare

Tretsch, Barbe

Tretsch, Jean

Tretsch, Louis

Troesler, Anne

Troestler, Anne Catherine

Troestler, Anne Marie

Troestler, Barbe

Troestler, Jacques

Troestler, Jean

Troestler, Mathieu

Volff, Anne Marie

Waltzer, George

Wantz, George

Additional Information: This is 1 of 14 documents sent to Eric Charles Pearson by a relative in France.

The information contained within this family group report was apparently acquired from the parish records in Rosheim, Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Provided by: Parir ? to Eric Charles Pearson.


The little figure eight on it's side is two wedding bands which obviously indicates marriage dates. The person who is underlined is the spouse. If there is a cross followed by the word 'avant' it means they died before the following date.

vigneron = wine maker
huilier = a person who makes oil
habitant = living
the number 67 refers to the French department (kind of like a US county), Bas-Rhin
temoins = witnesses
publiť = published
pere = father
mere = mother
originaire = comes from
St. P&P = Saints Pierre et Paul (the name of the church)
tuteur de l'epoux = the person legally responsible for the spouse
frere = brother
sacristain = sacristan
aussi = also
pere de la femme = the woman's father
receveur du fisc = tax collector
agriculteur = farmer
boulanger = baker
parent par l'alliance de l'epoux = related by marriage through the husband
beau-pere de l'epouse = wife's step father
berger = shepherd

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