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"Miscellaneous Record - Herman E. Zierrath."

Miscellaneous Record: Herman E. Zierrath

Date: Unknown

Provided by: Shirley Merdes

Click here to see an article written about John Tierney the son-in-law of  Herman E. Zierrath, including a small message about the death of Herman E. Zierrath.

Mayor Crow runs for reelection and Joe Ganschinietz, Abby Lauman, Tom Corrigan and Ed Rieman are commissioners on his ticket. They oppose a faction led by John English Sr. (for mayor), John Connors, Leo Dougherty, Herman Zieffath, and Dr. Stanley Wynn. Crow is re-elected and Connors, Zierrath, Lauman and Ganschinietz become the new commissioners. Seven months later, Zierrath, former manager of East St. Louis branch of Star Brewery, dies.


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