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"Miscellaneous Record - Raymond Charles Pearson, and Lillian Eva (Sundquist) Williams."

Names: Raymond Charles Pearson, and Lillian Eva (Sundquist) Williams.

Miscellaneous Record: The below letter was sent to Raymond Charles Pearson from Lillian Eva (Sundquist) Williams.

Date: Received on July 28, 1977.

Additional Information:

A copy of the letter from Sweden was enclosed with this letter, and is provided below. It includes genealogy information on the names of: Per Johan Svensson, Johanna Maria Svensdotter, Karl Fabian Persson (a/k/a - Charles Fabian Pearson), Ellen Maria Persdotter, Emilie Mathilda Persdotter (a/k/a - Emelie Mathilda Pearson), Ellen Anna Annika Persdotter, Axel Bernhard Persson, Vilhelmina Persdotter (a/k/a - Vilhelmina "Wilhelmina" Pearson), Emmy Terese Persdotter (a/k/a - Emmy Terese Peterson), Petrus Eugen Wallentin Persson (a/k/a - Valentine "Val" Pearson).

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This letter from Sweden was enclosed with the above letter.

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