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Miscellaneous Record - Ruth (Thyberg) Pearson, Charles Fabian Pearson, and

Ruth Axelina (Dahlman) Pearson.

Names: Charles Fabian Pearson, Ruth Axelina (Dahlman) Pearson, and Ruth (Thyberg) Pearson

Miscellaneous Record: This post card was sent to Charles Fabian and Ruth Axelina (Dahlman) Pearson from Ruth (Thyberg) Pearson.

Date: July 1, 1960

Back side enlargement of post card. 

"Transcript of what is hand written on the above post card"

Oslo, July 1, 1960

Dear Ruth and Charles: Thanks of my nice visit with you in New York. The whole boat trip was so smooth, only two hours realized I was on a ship. Have been staying in Göteborg with my cousins son and his wife. Have taken several short trips with them in their automobile. Yesterday we arrived in Oslo. Then when I get back to Sweden will start for Halland and Småland. Will write more later, Take it easy.

(Written on the left side): Hope you feel fine.

(Written on the right side): Love from Ruth.

Additional Information:

Halland and Småland are two provinces in Sweden. Halland and Småland (province containing Kalmar län, Jönköpings län Kronobergs län and part of Hallands län). Also, Göteborg (in English, Gothenburg) is the second largest city and it's situated on the west coast of Sweden.

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