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"Marriage Record Directory"

The family marriage record directory is categorized alphabetically by surname, followed by the given name. Moreover, this directory includes the marriage certificates and/or newspaper articles concerning the following listed individuals.

Abbott, Joyce Ann   (Record 003)

Barber, Minnie Emma  [a/k/a - Kastrup, Minnie "Emma" A.]   (Record 017)

Behringer, Teresa "Terry"   (Record 006)  (Record 007)

Berg, Herman Wilhelm   (Record 010)

Buech, Henry   (Record 014)

Buzbee, William (Sr.)   (Record 011)

Crawford, Margaret Ellen   (Record 013)

Ebel, Mary Louise   (Record 005)

Eck, Alois "Aloys" Frank   (Record 002)

Eck, Leuie Joseph (Sr.)   (Record 009)

Gaubatz, Phillip   (Record 016)

Hill, Jackie "Jack" Leroy   (Record 003)

Jones, Zeno Morris   (Record 013)

Kalkbrenner, Catharine   (Record 014)

Karnowski, Peter Boniface  (Record 015)

Kastrup, "Minnie" A. Emma  [a/k/a - Barber, Minnie Emma]   (Record 017)

Key, Elizabeth "Bessie"   (Record 011)

Knobloch, Charles   (Record 005)

Kollmeyer, Goldie Opalean   (Record 004)

Merriman, Arabella "Bell"   (Record 001)

Pearson, Henry "Hank" Fabian   (Record 006)  (Record 007)

Perry, Joseph Nathawiel   (Record 004)

Schifferdecker, Augustus "August" Shirley   (Record 001)

Schlesinger, Alisa Julia   (Record 016)

Schmon, Catherine   (Record 008)

Smith, Marjorie Rachelle   (Record 012)

Swiney, Loyd James   (Record 012)

Vits, Elizabeth   (Record 002)

Vits, Peter "Frank" Franciscus   (Record 008)

Wagner, Elsie "Floss" Mary   (Record 009)

Wagner, John E.   (Record 017)

Ward, Ruth Virginia   (Record 010)

Weis, Maybelle Mildred   (Record 015)

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