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"Native American Ancestry Directory"

Remember this section of the research is not complete at this time.

Several of our families are directly related to Native American Ancestry in relationship to the Cherokee Indian Nation. As time permits, my father and I will be doing the research and posting what we find on this section of the web site. Currently, we are working on the surnames of Berry, Bullock, Choat, Choate, Lee, Nicholson, Shook, and Walkingstick.

Please send any information you may have on your branch of the American Indian ancestry, including documents and photographs. Thanks!

General Information

Written by Dehaluyi W. Wadegei:

While the Western Nation still has open enrollment & one may show a "paper trail" to attain such enrollment for the Nation in Oklahoma, the Eastern Band has had CLOSED enrollment for over 50 years now. That decision was made in the 1950s by Tribal Council. Today, to  "become" a member of the Eastern Band Cherokee, one must be BORN into it, & petition for enrollment PRIOR to the 18th birthday. There are NO exceptions to this law at this time.

If you doubt this, please contact the Tribal Office at:

    Telephone: EBCN Main Office: 828 497-7000
    Fax: EBCN Main Office Fax: 828 497-7007

Postal address:
    Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation
    PO Box 455
    Cherokee, NC 28719

Electronic mail:
    General Information: Webmaster

Also, here is a link to the EBC's statement on the web:

On the EBC's website the following IS posted: 

TRIBAL ENROLLMENT -  Many people want to know about becoming a Tribal Member based on a relative being Cherokee or of Cherokee descent. Enrollment in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is governed by tribal ordinance 284 dated June 24, 1996 and restricts enrollment to the following:

Direct lineal ancestor must appear on the 1924 Baker Roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. (Note: The Baker Roll is the base roll of the Eastern Cherokee and contains the name, birthdate, Eastern Cherokee Blood quantum and roll number of the base enrollees. Blood Quantum: must possess at least 1/16th degree of Eastern Cherokee blood. 

All criteria must be met in order to be eligible with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  Enrollment is CLOSED to all people who cannot meet the above requirements.

Now this may SEEM to hold forth the possibility that one MAY yet enroll in the EBC, if that link is proven, however, a short talk with a Tribal secretary (or, sometimes an email) will explain that this was posted simply to curtail inquiry. For over 50 years now one MUST be BORN into the EBC to "BE" EBC.

I hope that you will consider posting this information on your website so that those who MAY have that 1/16th and/or that blood link will not ERRONEOUSLY think they can become a member of today's EBC. Their time might be better spent looking for links to Western Nation names, if Tribal enrollment is their goal.

Perhaps too, it might help those who were seeking enrollment to note that there are yet some who REFUSE enrollment, even though they are born on Qualla. Their ancestors didn't need the U.S. government (who initially suggested "quantum" to our Tribes) to "okay" them as "recognized" Indians, so they chose NOT to "enroll", & these Families are still the backbone of the EBC, the ones who have kept the Culture Native. There is also a growing number who see the "blood quantum" laws adopted by the Tribes for what it is, a way to eradicate the Indian Nations by EXCLUDING bonafide Indian People from becoming a part of their Nation. Very gradually, I think, the many Nations are beginning to see this for themselves. As intermarriage lowers blood quantum, Indians simply disappear.

Few are aware of these facts, so I felt compelled to add this information for those who may feel disappointment at not being allowed to "enroll".

Thank you,

Dehaluyi W. Wadegei

So What is a "Roll?"

A 'bare bones' explanation is that a Cherokee Roll is a 'census' record. Just like the Federal census records which have been taken every ten years since 1790. BUT, the Cherokee Rolls are only for Cherokees, while some of the later rolls do have Shawnees and Delawares listed because both tribes were associated with the Cherokee in Indian Territory.

The first "official" rolls were in 1817 and there were two of them - the Reservation Roll and the Emigration Roll.

Index to Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll), 1909 - 1910.

Below are the names of individuals in relationship to the surnames we're researching on the Index to Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll), 1909 - 1910.

The index includes the names of persons applying for compensation arising from the judgment of the United States Court of Claims on May 28, 1906, for the Eastern Cherokee tribe. While numerous individuals applied, not all the claims were allowed. The information included on the index is the application number, the name of the applicant, and the State or Territory in which the individual resided at the time the application was filed.

The names are categorized alphabetically by surname, followed by the given name.

Berry, Amos E.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Charles M.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Cora   (Record 0003)

Berry, Effie   (Record 0003)

Berry, Elisabeth   (Record 0003)

Berry, Elisha C.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Elizabeth   (Record 0003)

Berry, Elizabeth (Gdn.)   (Record 0003)

Berry, Etta M.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Flora   (Record 0003)

Berry, Florence L.   (Record 0003)

Berry, George W.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Ibbie   (Record 0003)

Berry, Ida   (Record 0003)

Berry, Ivan et al   (Record 0003)

Berry, John W.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Joseph D. (Gdn)   (Record 0003)

Berry, Josephene   (Record 0003)

Berry, Lucy   (Record 0003)

Berry, Martha   (Record 0003)

Berry, _____ E.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Nancy Jane   (Record 0003)

Berry, Nicktiye H.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Rebecca   (Record 0003)

Berry, Robert E.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Robert H.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Samuel A.   (Record 0003)

Berry, Thomas M.   (Record 0003)

Berry, William   (Record 0003)

Bullock, Addie May   (Record 0004)

Bullock, Dovie   (Record 0004)

Bullock, Mary D.   (Record 0004)

Bullock, Ora   (Record 0004)

Bullock, Viola   (Record 0004)

Choat, Marion D.   (Record 0001)

Choate, Fannie L.   (Record 0001)

Choate, Felix R.   (Record 0001)

Choate, Frank   (Record 0001)

Choate, George W.   (Record 0001)

Choate, George W. (Jr.)   (Record 0001)

Choate, James Austin   (Record 0001)

Choate, John Brown   (Record 0001)

Choate, John C.   (Record 0001)

Choate, Joahua   (Record 0002)

Choate, Lillian   (Record 0002)

Choate, Lizzie C.   (Record 0002)

Choate, Lorrettia   (Record 0002)

Choate, Lydia E.   (Record 0002)

Choate, Malissie   (Record 0002)

Choate, Manerva   (Record 0002)

Choate, Martha Lee   (Record 0002)

Choate, Mary   (Record 0002)

Choate, Nancy J. Brown   (Record 0002)

Choate, Patience   (Record 0002)

Choate, Richard B.   (Record 0002)

Choate, Rosa   (Record 0002)

Choate, Rufus Marc   (Record 0002)

Choate, Sam   (Record 0002)

Choate, Samantha  A.P.C.   (Record 0002)

Choate, William    (Record 0002)

Choate, William  (Gdn)  (Record 0002)

Choate, William F.   (Record 0002)

Nicholson, Daniel G.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Edward V. R.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Elisha F.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Estella   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Francis D.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Henry   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Henry F.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Henry F, (Gdn)   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, James H.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, James P.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, John A.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Joseph L.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Laura J.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Laura J. (Gdn)   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, James H.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, James P.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, John A.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Joseph L.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Laura J.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Laura J. (Gdn)   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Lena   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Lucinda Jane   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Melvina   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Mittie   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Richard E.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Richard H.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Sim   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Thomas K.   (Record 0006)

Nicholson, Willie David   (Record 0006)

Walkingstick, Andrew J.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Annie   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Ben (Two listed with this same name)   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Berry   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Betsey   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Betsy   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Beulah I.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Calvin   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Caroline   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Cecil   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Charles   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Daniel   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Edward   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Ethel   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Henry   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Henry M.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, James (Two listed with this same name)   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, James W.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Jane   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Jasper   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Jennie   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Jesse   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, John   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, John R.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Leon   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Lewis D.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Lucinda   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Mack   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Manuel H.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Mary J.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Matilda   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Mike   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Nancy C.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Rebecca C.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Rosey   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Sallie   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Simon R.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Sonsey   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Steven   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Susa   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Susie W.   (Record 0005)

Walkingstick, Walsier   (Record 0005)

The CD-ROM -"Vital Information from the Guion Miller Roll- Eastern Cherokee Court of Claims- 1906/1909" that is distributed by Heritage Books? It's much better than the printed book. It lists the entire General Index (all applicants), the numbers, sex, names, female's maiden name, age, where born and city/state where they lived when they filed the application.  Also- if the woman is married, it lists her twice-- alphabetically by each name.
The cost is $30.

"Copies of the original applications can be obtained from the NATF"

To order copies of these applications, you must submit a completed NATF Form 83 which includes the individual's name and application number. A separate form must be completed for each file you wish copied. To obtain an NATF Forms 83 write the National Archives, NWCTB, Old Military and Civil Records (Form 83), Washington, D.C. 20408.

Location: Old Military and Civil Records LICON, Textual Archives Services Division (NWCTB), National Archives Building, 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408 Phone:  202-501-5385, Fax: 202-208-1903, Email:

This website link was emailed to me so I thought I would pass it on. It is a government based website looking for missing Indians. This is for people who have Individual Indian Money trust fund accounts. I noticed the following Walkingstick names. If any of these sound familiar, you have those people contact the Office of the Special Trustee at the Dept. of the Interior. The website and the names are listed below,


Please help by submitting your branch of the family genealogy, including records, documents, photographs and etc. Also, please email me if your related to any family and/or individual listed within this web site. Thank you!

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