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"Page 52 of the Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll), 1909 - 1910"

The below document is number 52 of 342 pages listed within the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll) 1909 - 1910. It was copied from the web site of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and it includes individuals we're researching in relationship to the Choat and Choate surnames.

ARC Identifier: 300330

Title: Index to Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll), 1909 - 1910

Index Page: 52 of 342

Creator: Department of the Interior. Office of Indian Affairs. (1849 - 09/17/1947) (Most Recent)

Type of Archival Materials: Textual Records

Level of Description: Item from Record Group 75: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA], 1793 - 1989

The below index includes the names of persons applying for compensation arising from the judgment of the United States Court of Claims on May 28, 1906, for the Eastern Cherokee tribe. While numerous individuals applied, not all the claims were allowed. The information included on the index is the application number, the name of the applicant, and the State or Territory in which the individual resided at the time the application was filed.

"Transcript of the names contained in the above document."

Note: The names listed below are in the correct alphabetical order by surname, followed by the given name.

Chavers, Jessie

Chavers, Louie

Chavers, Lucy

Chavers. Lush A.

Chavers, Malinda

Chavers, Milly B.

Chavers, Nathan

Chavers, Peter (Two listed with this same name)

Chavers, Samuel

Chavers, Tennessee B.

Chaves, Dicie

Chaves, George

Cahves, Jenie

Chaves, Martha

Chavis, Clara L.

Chavis, Hallie

Chavurs, Andrew

Cheater, Asy

Cheater, Caty

Cheater, Charley

Cheater, George

Cheater, Ike

Cheater, Jane

Cheater, John (Two listed with this same name)

Cheater, Joseph

Cheater, Lacy

Cheater, Mariah

Cheater, Ocsquini "Oc-squi-ni"

Cheater, Peggy

Cheater, Sarah

Cheates, Benjamin

Cheatham, ______ J. (Hand written on document)

Checayouee "Che-ca-you-ee"

Cheek, John F.

Cheek, Joseph L.

Cheek, Joseph R.

Cheek, Mahala J.

Cheek, Martin A.

Cheek, Mary J.

Cheek, Rosa

Cheek, William T.

Chekele "Che-ke-le", Nancy

Cheney, Rose

Cheney, Sullivan

Cheney, Thomas C.

Cherry, Amanda M.

Cherry, Bettie N. H.

Cherry, James Hampton

Cherry, Jessie H.

Cherry, John F.

Cherry, Ruth E.

Chesney, Lutha (Hand written on document)

Chesnut, Holly

Chesser, Surelda Barrier

Chestang, Lutica

Chetee, Caty

Chetee, Lacy

Chewee, Sarah

Chewey, Talala

Chewie, John

Chewie, Looney

Chewie, Lucy

Chewie, Sarah

Chewleson, Nancy

Chickalala, Andy

Chickaleelah "Chick-a-lee-lah", Annie

Chickaleelah "Chick-a-lee-lah", Mary

Chickaleelak "Chick-a-leelak", John

Chicken, Cora

Chicken, Nancy

Chicken, Ned

Chicken, Night

Chicken, Seekee "See-kee"

Chickilula, Polly

Chicklula, Stone

Chicolate, Lizzie

Childaski, Charotte

Childaski, Will

Childers, Audrey Blair

Childers, John

Childers, John C.

Childers, Laura

Childers, Levi

Childers, Lulu F.

Childers, Luella

Childers, Martha J.

Childers, Nancy

Childers, Rebecca

Childers, Thomas B.

Childers, William

Childress, Berry

Childress, Fannie J.

Childress, Garth

Childress, Mary J.

Childress, Mattie J.

Childress, William

Childs, George B.

Childs, H. P.

Childs, Tomason

Childs, Walter A.

Chilson, Edna H.

Chilton, Sue Capulet

Chinarche, John (Two listed with this same name)

Chinarche, William T.

Chipps, Laura W.

Chisholm, Eliza

Chisholm, Mary

Chism, Bill

Chism, Ed

Chism, Nancy

Chism, Virgie Cole

Chitter, Thomas

Chitwood, Charley

Chitwood, Lucy A.

Chitwood, Mary A.

Chitwood, Mary J.

Chitwood, Richard A.

Chitwood, S. H.

Chitwood, Sallie

Chitwood, Samuel

Choat, Marion D.

Choate, Fannie L.

Choate, Felix R.

Choate, Frank

Choate, George W.

Choate, George W. (Jr.)

Choate, James Austin

Choate, John Brown

Choate, John C.

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