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"The gravesite of Phillip L. and Rosane "Rosa" Dorothy (Eck) Comerford."

Name: Phillip L. Comerford

Born: 1880

Birth location: Unknown

Father: Tom Comerford

Mother: Anna (Unknown)

Died: 1949

Death location: Unknown

Cause of death: Unknown

Burial date: Unknown

Name: Rosane "Rosa" Dorothy Eck

Born: September 01, 1878

Birth location: Oconee, Shelby County, Illinois.

Father: John E. (Sr.) Eck

Mother: Elizabeth Mary Essler  (a/k/a - Elizabeth Mary Eissler)

Died: July 07, 1928

Death location: Christian County, Illinois.

Cause of death: Gangrene in the leg.

Burial date: Unknown

Burial location: Calvary Cemetery, Pana Township, Christian County, Illinois.

Date picture was taken: Circa 2008

Picture Provided by: Mary "Christine" Catherine (Diss) Harris.

Family Information: 

Phillip L. Comerford married Rosane "Rosa" Dorothy Eck on February 18, 1902, in Christian County, Illinois.

One morning Rosa went out to gather eggs and bent her nee into the feed box. The feed box broke and her leg became trapped. After about three hours, her son Virgil found her and helped her back to the farmhouse. Her leg never healed and it became worst over time. Several months later she had acquired gangrene in the leg, and she died.

Phillip L. Comerford never married again after the death of his wife. Until his death 21 years later, he continually carried her wedding ring in his pocket.

"Transcript of the above grave marker"


MOTHER                   FATHER   

ROSA D.                  PHILIP L.

1878 - 1928               1880 - 1949  

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