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"The gravesite of James "Andy" Andrew Patton"

Name: James "Andy" Andrew Patton

Born: July 06, 1792

Birth location: Montgomery County, Kentucky.

Married: Mary Radford

Died: October 12, 1846

Death location: Patton Hill, Walker County, Alabama.

Cause of death: Unknown

Burial date: Unknown

Burial location: In the lower side of a ditch alongside the road about a mile south of Patton Hill Cemetery, Walker County, Alabama. The ditch runs south from Patton Hill Cemetery to the road that runs east-west from Patton to Oakman.

Additional Information:

What you see below is what remains of a Patton Family Cemetery that was once at the end of a dead-end road coming down from Patton Hill, Walker County, Alabama. There were probably a couple of dozen graves here, some covered with wolf stones. For some reason the road crew that extended the road did not see them.

The county government came in some time later and marked the cemetery by placing a sign "Patton Cemetery" at the request of Rayburn Patton of Sumiton, Alabama.

The dates on the sandstone marker for Andrew Patton are hard to read. The "1792" appears it could be "1772", and the "1846" appears it could read "1806". Some may believe this could be another Andrew Patton, for there was more than one Andrew Patton in Walker County, Alabama. However, our Andrew Patton is the only one in this time period and the others are his descendants. So like I said, what could be a second "7" in 1772 is probably a "9" making that "1792". The "4" in "1846" is not clear and does somewhat resemble a "0", but we definitely know our Andrew Patton died in 1846. Also note they used "DEC" (deceased) for "DIED".

Date pictures were taken: 2004 - May 8, 2005

Pictures were taken by: Rayburn Patton

Provided by: Bill Watson

"Transcript of the above grave marker"



BORN 6 JULY 1792



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