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"The gravesite of Frederick "Fred" Knobloch and wife Caroline (Schilling) Knobloch"

Name: Frederick "Fred" Knobloch

Born: February 25, 1859

Birth location: Unknown

Died: April 03, 1942

Death location: Unknown

Cause of death: Unknown

Burial date: Unknown

Name: Caroline Schilling

Born: May 20, 1859

Birth location: Unknown

Died: November 17, 1937

Death location: Monroe County, Illinois

Cause of death: Unknown

Burial date: Unknown

Burial location: St. John Church, Maeystown, Monroe County, Illinois.

Date picture was taken: About 2005

Provided by: David Berg

"Transcript of the above grave marker"


CAROLINE                                   FRED SR.

MAY 20, 1859                               FEB. 25, 1859

NOV. 17, 1937                              APR. 3, 1942

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