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"Death Records Directory"

The family death records directory is categorized alphabetically by surname, followed by the given name.

Asberry, Leander   (Record 0018)

Beck, Frederick   (Record 0012)

Ballard, Ann "Nan" Dora   (Record 0022)

Deckard, Mary Jane   (Record 0031)

Dietiker, Samuel   (Record 0059)

Eck, Alois "Aloys" Frank   (Record 0001)

Eck, Barbara   (Record 0058)

Eck, Betty Lucile   (Record 0010)

Eck, John E. (Sr.)   (Record 0042)

Eck, Leuie Joseph   (Record 0002)

Frederitzi, Joseph B.   (Record 0043)

Godman, Bessie Belle   (Record 0057)

Gosnell, Paul Rex   (Record 0021)

Gosnell, Pollie "Polly" Melvina   (Record 0068)

Guettermann, Don   (Record 0067)

Henke, Henry   (Record 0069)

Heusohn, Margaret "Maggie"   (Record 0007)

Hubbard, John "Jack" Thomas   (Record 0004)

Kollmeyer, Henry Martin   (Record 0044)

Kollmeyer, John Henry   (Record 0045)

Kollmeyer, John Jacob   (Record 0046)

Lehn, Harold F.   (Record 0017)

Maus, Armin P.   (Record 0054)

Menne, William "Will" Julius   (Record 0016)

Meschede, Annie Mary   (Record 0028)

Meschede, Frederick Woodson   (Record 0025)

Meschede, Fredericka "Frederica"   (Record 0024)

Meschede, Henry Herman   (Record 0026)

Meschede, John J. (Sr.)   (Record 0027)

Meschede, Joseph   (Record 0037)

Meschede, Joseph Anton   (Record 0038)

Meschede, Joseph Benedict   (Record 0039)

Meschede, Mary "Maria" Fraciels   (Record 0056)

Meschede, Merrill "Muriel" Jo   (Record 0040)

Meschede, Richard Edward   (Record 0063)

Meschede, Richard (Jr.)   (Record 0062)

Meschede, William Henry   (Record 0041)

Nottmeier, Leona W.   (Record 0055)

Pittman, Florentina   (Record 0036)

Pittman, Fredericka "Frederica"  (a/k/a - Puttmann, Fredericka)   (Record 0023)

Queirser, Magdalena   (Record 0065)

Ramey, Lutie Ellen   (Record 0066)

Rau, Maria "Mary" E.   (Record 0011)

Ritchey, Ada Gertrude   (Record 0013)

Schreck, Anna "Ann"   (Record 0072)

Semick, Amelia  (a/k/a - Semick, Amelian)   (Record 0034)

Simms, Robert L.   (Record 0008)

Smoot, Marinda J.   (Record 0070)

Specht, Leo (Jr.)   (Record 0060)

Specht, Martin   (Record 0061)

Stockman, Edward Adolph   (Record 0030)

Stockman, Frederick Allison   (Record 0029)

Stockman, Richard Edward   (Record 0033)

Stockman, Richard Russell   (Record 0032)

Stockman, Rosalia Emma   (Record 0035)

Stoeckel, Valentin (Sr.)   (Record 0015)

Vits, Elizabeth   (Record 0009)

Wagner, Amelia   (Record 0006)

Wagner, August   (Record 0005)

Wagner, Charmain M.  (Record 0020)

Wagner, Leonard "Len"  (Record 0064)

Wagner, Maximilian  (a/k/a - Wagoner, Maximilian)   (Record 0014)

Wagner, Philipp "Fridor" Isidore   (Record 0003)

Westover, Gary Lynn   (Record 0019)

Westover, Martin Houk   (Record 0071)

Zimmer, Adam A.   (Record 0050)

Zimmer, Alberta Alvina Henrietta   (Record 0051)

Zimmer, Ernest Michael   (Record 0048)

Zimmer, Magdalena "Lena"   (Record 0052)

Zimmer, Martin John   (Record 0049)

Zimmer, (Unknown)   (Record 0053)

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