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"Baptism Record for Lucille "Lily" Wagner"

Name: Maria O_____ Wagoner (a/k/a - Mary "Maria" Wagner)

Fathers full name: Joanne E. Wagoner (a/k/a - John E. Wagner)

Mothers maiden name: Maria Meschede (a/k/a - Mary "Maria" Fraciels Meschede)

Date of birth: January 22, 1900

Place of birth: Unknown, but probably in the area of Edmond, Oklahoma.

Date of baptism: August 16, 1903

Baptism location: The Catholic Parish Of St. John The Baptist, 900 South Littler, Edmond, Oklahoma.

Godparents: Mary Flicke, and W. Meschede.

Additional Information: The godparent named as Mary Flicke is believed to be Mary (Henke) Flike that married Jake Flike. Also, godparent W. Meschede is believed to be William Henry Meschede.

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