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"Family Coat Of Arms Directory"

The right to a coat of arms (heraldic ones, that is) were usually granted by a ruler of a country as a reward for services rendered by some brave soldier or great landowner. Since most of us are descended from farmers and farm workers, the odds of having a family coat of arms are very low.

Moreover, if you come across a coat of arms granted centuries ago to someone with the same surname, there is absolutely no guarantee there is any family connection. In any case, the legal right to a coat of arms is almost always descended in the male line.

With the above now said, Im pleased to say my father and I have managed to trace and locate the coat of arms in connection to several of the family surnames. Overall, this would includes about three percent of the individuals listed within our web site to be connected to a relative with a coat of arms.

The list of every individual in relationship to a coat of arms is extremely large. As such, my father and I have presently decided to only provide this information when we receive a written request. The request can be made by email, or by US Mail with an enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. Once we receive your request well check to see if you have a relative with a coat of arms. If you do, well send you a copy of the coat of arms with a complete family descendant report containing the information.

In other words, my father and I are pleased to provide this information for free. However, you must somehow be related to a family and/or individual within this web site.

Please help by submitting your branch of the family genealogy, including records, documents, photographs and etc. Also, please email me if your related to any family and/or individual listed within this web site. Thank you!

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